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Private Jet of The Day: Hawker 1000

Magellan Jets aircraft of the day- Hawker 1000. The Hawker 1000 is a well rounded super-mid-size jet that offers a considerable amount of space with intercontinental range. The cabin is over 24 feet long with 5.8 foot high ceilings, providing enough room for up to 15 passengers, pending the furniture configuration. Seven windows on each side of the fuselage provide passengers with an ample amount of natural light to prevent fatigue. A new design has reduced engine noise leading to a more quite cabin to support productivity and rest. As attested to previously, the Hawker 1000 can travel up to 3,200 miles nonstop, making this super-mid-size jet perfect for long executive charters. To take advantage of this well rounded and luxurious private aircraft, contact Magellan Jets.
Passengers: 8-9
Lavatory: full
Cruising Speed: 490 mph
Range: 3,200 miles
Cabin Volume: 680 cubic feet
Cabin Width: 6 feet
Cabin Height: 5.8 feet Cabin Length: 24.4 feet
Baggage Volume: 65 cubic feet

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