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Private Jet Traveler Takes $800k Car Ride

A Hong Kong businessman who traveled via private jet to Teterboro airport ended up being defrauded for more than $800,000 thanks to an unscrupulous limousine driver.
Photo via AP.
Tony Chan, the wealth Feng Shui master from Hong Kong, hired a limousine to take him from Teterboro airport to a meeting in New York City. The problem started when he gave his American Express card to the driver, Peter Rahhaoui, of Flushing, Queens, who copied the card and proceeded to go on a months-long spending spree racking up hundreds of thousands in unnoticed fraudulent charges.
Mr. Chan, apparently too busy to check through his charge card statements, knew nothing of the scheme until American Express security specialists noticed a suspicious pattern of activity months later. Rahhaoui’s spending spree sometimes hit $19,000 in one month. Prosecutors stated that the tally of unauthorized charges totalled $794,986.
Having your card number stolen and dealing with fraudulent charges is something no one wants to experience. That’s why the Flight Support department at Magellan Jets is here to arrange whatever you need for you. We’ll take care of all the different car companies, catering companies, hotels, and whatever else you may need. You’ll just have one person to pay, eliminating both the hassle of doing it yourself and the risk of giving your card to so many different people! We have a carefully selected network of trustworthy, reliable companies and are happy to take care of the details!

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