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Proposal to Lift Ban on Cellular Services on Commercial Flights

Mobile is an unstoppable force that continues to build strength in our society. Now mobile is set to transform the travel experience on commercial flights in the U.S. The Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal to lift its ban on the use of cellular service onboard. If the ban is lifted airline passengers will be stripped of their peace and quiet. The proposal is intended to give passengers the same communication access in the air as they would find on buses or in a coffee shop.
In our hyper-connected world, everyone wants to be connected at all times, but who really wants to be trapped next to some chatter box on their phone the entire trip? Amtrak railways have created “Quiet Cars” for those travelers who don’t want to be stuck next to chatty Cathy and Psychologist Patricia Wallace hopes the collective agreement that enforces the quiet in quiet cars on Amtrak would help keep the volume down on aircraft. If “Quiet Seats” are created onboard the commercial aircraft, I am sure those special seats won’t come without a nice little fee too.
I know this next statement is pretty obvious, but if you were to charter your own jet…guess what you wouldn’t have to deal with? That’s right, the gabbing stranger crammed next to you.

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