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Q & A: Magellan Jets’ Director of Flight Support, Pat Reed, Attends Air Charter Safety Symposium

In a recent Air Charter Safety Symposium, Magellan Jets joined some the largest private aviation providers to learn more about flight safety management from the most respected industry leaders in the world. A retired USN captain, the Executive from Business Aviation Safety Systems, and members of the Federal Aviation Administration were among the many speakers at the seminar, and they spoke on topics such as runway incursions, FAA medical standards and more.

Continuous learning of safety operational procedures are a hallmark of Magellan Jets, which is why the company was the first private jet charter broker in the world to be named to The Air Charter Safety Foundation. From their Magellan Jets Preferred Network, to their highly trained flight support team, Magellan Jets’ safety standards do not rely on luck, but intense investigation of every option they acquire for their clients, and attending events such as the Air Charter Safety Symposium are crucial for them to ensure nothing but the safest travels for their customers.
Magellan Jets’ Director of Flight Support, Pat Reed, attended the Air Charter Safety Symposium, and she plans to apply what she learned at the event to Magellan Jets’ safety protocols.
Q: The theme of the symposium was, “How do you know you are safe?” After attending the event, would you consider Magellan Jets safe or lucky? Why?
A: Magellan Jets is probably a bit of both. We perform extensive due diligence on each and every provider. Through this, we have winnowed down the number of providers that qualify in our network to less than 10% of all operators in the country.
That tips the scales in our favor towards safety and service.
Q: What does Magellan Jets do to ensure their clients are safe?
A: The best way to ensure the highest standards is safety is to us mulitple layers of due diligence and strict enforcment of procedures and checklists. Once a provider has passed various standards, the final layer is them meeting the requirements to be part of the Magellan Jets Preferred Network. This means high insurance standards, flight crew experience, on time rates, and of course the core value of the organization are very important. Once that is established and the flight is confirmed we run our own proprietary checklists prior to each flight to ensure all information is up to date and accurate including background checks on the assigned flight crew. We sometimes will have to turn down trips because those standards are not met. Our stringent standards are not negotiable.
Q: What were some important topics discussed at the symposium regarding creating safety protocols that you find important to do at Magellan Jets?
A: In depth flight crew training is THE most important aspect when creating safety standards. Training and retraining are key components in any endeavor to eliminate mistakes, particularly in aviation. Mistakes occur primarily when you either take a short cut that enables you to ‘get away with it’ once, or when someone is not following a procedure. Neither have a place in aviation, or Magellan Jets for that matter.
Q: What were the most valuable lessons at the symposium and how will you apply them to the safety standards at Magellan Jets?
A: Talking to others who are directly involved in formulating safety policy and procedures and learning from their experiences was extremely valuable. At the event, I learned some valuable safety tips by analyzing video and transcripts of jet accidents in the past. Every accident video and transcript addressed issues related to flight crew decision making. Typically, procedures were not followed. The greatest percentage of all accidents, airline or private, are not attributed to a failure of an engine or mechanical component, but failure in the decision-making process of the crew. At Magellan Jets, we have and continue to take Standard Operating Procedures seriously to ensure safety for all of our clients.
Click here more information about how Magellan Jets continues guarentee safety for their clients.

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