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Rise in Flight Activity Could Impact Supply & Demand For Charter Clients

July 2014 vs. July 2015
According to TRAQPak , July 2015 saw the largest year over year rise in overall flight activity since February 2012 with an increase of 5.6%. The results indicated substantial growth in the Part 135 market, up 9.6% from last year (more than 3 xs the increase than the fractionals providers) .

TRAQPak data also indicates strong year-over-year increases for Part 135 flights. The results by operational category continue to increase for the Part 91 and Part 135 markets, up 1.0% and 3.2% in that order. The Fractional market finished the same period down -3.5%.

With this type of increase in flight activity, customers may begin to see issues with supply and demand while securing aircraft in the charter market. This is especially true for peak season travel (Thanksgiving week and December 18- January 1st), as historically this time frame experiences a 30%-40% increase over the rest of the year. Also, with supply becoming less in the marketplace, it is safe to assume jet membership rates will increase as companies will have greater exposure to repositioning planes from further destinations, and will look to offset some of that risk with rate increases.

In order to guarantee your availability and lock in current rates (including fuel which is currently favorable), now is the time to research membership programs and lock in your rates. Many programs will allow you to secure today’s rates for the next 12-24 months depending on contract size. Similar to Magellan Jets, many companies set aside aircraft for their current members during high traffic times or ” peak travel”. The fractional and outright ownership companies do the same for supplemental lift, and also use the Part 135 market for this lift (see our free white paper on the value of supplemental lift).
Have you looked at jet membership with Magellan Jets?
Jet membership also means access to a world of amenities tailored to your exact needs; aircraft type, hours needed, preferences when flying, just to name a few. Some value benefits include no repositioning fees, 12-month rate lock, no monthly management fees and access to late model, Magellan Jets Preferred Network Aircraft. Magellan Jets also invites you to use our Build-A- Card program to customize a membership that’s right for you. This customizable solution presents you with access to even more perks and benefits than not found in many of the programs available. As a member, you also have access to your Flight Support Team, strictly consisting of all FAA certified pilots, that plan and manage your flights.
To make sure you are guaranteed aircraft availability for your next trip, research the advantages of membership (7 Essential Questions to Ask). And compare the rates and benefits with this jet comparison whitepaper (jet comparison white paper)

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