Ritz-Carlton Launches Smartphone App

The Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hotel brand exclusively ahead of their competition. Superior comfort, impeccable service and a host of amenities awaits Ritz-Carlton guests at properties around the world. Every stay is consistently exceptional which is why they recently released a highly anticipated mobile app that is nothing short of spectacular. Because Ritz-Carlton is constantly raising the bar, their mobile app extends beyond the common hotel app functionalities. Aside from booking rooms at any property across the globe, the app extends users the ability to receive exclusive tips and tours from Ritz Carlton; and is fully integrated with social platforms Foursquare and World Concierge.
In addition, the President of Ritz-Carlton Herve Humler offers his words of wisdom regarding many of Ritz-Carlton’s properties. “I want to enrich the Ritz-Carlton experience for our guests further with details about the things I have found to be quite unique and memorable in my travels.  With The Ritz-Carlton App I can now do that very easily and in real-time” said Humler in a recent interview. When used in conjunction with the Magellan Jets mobile app, users will be able to book five nights at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach and switch over to the Magellan app to look up private jet options for the trip down. As the capabilities of smart-phone apps continue to advance, it will be exciting to see what the next app for the luxury travel market will entail. 

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