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Schwarzenegger Takes Private Jet to Asia

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, (C), shakes hands with Chinese during a visit to a Californian food and beverage Festival at a hypermarket in Hangzhou in east Chinas Zhejiang province 11 September 2010. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is on a weeklong trade mission that will take him to China, Japan and South Korea. EPA/MU CHEN
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be flying to Asia today with an entourage of about 30 state employees. The private jet is being paid for by a Chinese billionaire who’s hoping to boost foreign relations and help raise revenue for the state of California. California is still burdened with a $19 billion budget deficit which costs taxpayers roughly $52 million every day. Schwarzenegger stated that his travels are aimed at helping the budget and growing California industry. The six-day trip will include visits to Japan and South Korea where Governor Schwarzenegger plans on visiting US troops. All travel expenses are being provided by private donations and Schwarzenegger is extremely proud of his ability to save taxpayer money. Some legislators, however, say it is better to spend public money than to rely on private interests who may expect something in return. Critics, economists, and other legislative leaders are questioning the effectiveness of the Governor’s plans, but the people of California have their fingers crossed hoping that something good will come from the trip.
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