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Solar-Flare Disrupts Flights Around the World

Weather delays are inevitable realities that disrupt our travel plans sometimes to the point of cancellation. Typically, Dallas, Miami and New York are places to encounter thunderstorms, hurricanes and blizzards, respectively. However, when was the last time your flight was delayed due to happenings beyond the confides of earth? You may ask yourself, what weather could possibly exist beyond the reaches of the atmosphere? The answer does not come from a science-fiction screenplay or book about alien encounters. The answer is a rare and widely unknown phenomenon called “solar-flare”, and its effects can be potentially hazardous to airplanes. Solar-flare occurs when parts of the sun “flare” outward into the solar system. When these flares come close to earth they can harm satellites, impact power grids, and affect aircraft communication and navigation equipment.
Several trans-arctic flights between Asia and North America were re-routed this morning as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the passengers. Some flights suffered minor delays as a result of the re-routing; however, no flights were harmed during the event. Whether it is a blizzard, tornado, solar-flare, or the most vicious workings of Mother Nature, Magellan Jets’ dedicated concierge team is ready 24/7 to quickly handle any variable that may impact your trip. On a traditional airline, weather creates a logistical nightmare and the focus quickly shifts from the passenger to the operational needs of the airline. At Magellan Jets, the focus is always on you, the client, and we will stop at nothing to make sure a weather anomaly is but a minor wrinkle in an otherwise seamless journey aboard a charter jet.

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