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Survey Shows Top Reason to Use Business Jets

When it comes to private jets, generally the first visual that pops into anyone’s head is a posh, luxurious aircraft with gold fixtures, bottomless champagne and plush leather seats. But the reality is most private jets are used solely as an efficiency tool for passengers rather than a luxury accessory. According to a recent survey done by Aviation International News, 1,100 business jet passengers found that “save time” was the top reason for using a private aircraft. The second top ranked reason was “ability to use airports that airlines don’t serve”.
Last year, Jet Advisors conducted a similar study which illustrated that one company would save 22.5 work days and 24 road nights per year for each regular passenger by traveling privately instead of commercially. One helping factor, both the departure and arrival airports were significantly closer and more convenient when using a private aircraft. The research also noted that same day trips were nearly impossible using commercial airlines, but a 4-6 hour meeting was easily accommodated with a private jet and eliminated the need for an overnight stay.
Yes, flying privately is more expensive, and is definitely considered a luxury to most, but when you add the cost of 22.5 more days in the office and 24 fewer nights on the road each year, the efficiency of private travel starts to make sense financially.

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