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Take Off with Magellan Jets: JetsetFarryn Experiences Flying Done Right

Note: Reposted with permission from the Jetsetter Passport blog.
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly private? Well we’re here to show you. Boston-based Magellan Jets was founded on the premise of taking the hassle out of luxury flying. From their full concierge department to the variety of aircrafts (I’m in love with the Hawker 4000), Magellan is carving a place inside the private jet industry by making flying private without the boys-club membership possible.
For a family heading away for spring break or a business traveler en route to a meeting, private aviation is without a doubt the freest – and fastest – way to travel. Flying from New York to Boston in under an hour is what makes flying private worth it. Lounging in your leather armchair on a Hawker400XP, listening to your iPod during take off, connecting via in-flight WiFi or watching a movie of your choosing (and putting one on for the kids, too) is what makes it, well, awesome. From take off to landing, here’s a view from your very own private plane. Grab your boarding pass on Note: Flight operated by Pro Airways LLC.(ZKFA180L) with Magellan Jets

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