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The Aerotroplis Concept

The world’s airports are the lifeblood of the transportation industry and the foundation of international and domestic commerce. Airports link the country and the world together, allowing millions everyday to travel faster and more efficiently than ever before. Unfortunately, most airports that serve major cities are inconveniently located miles from the city listed on your itinerary. JFK International in New York, for example is located 17 miles outside of Manhattan whereas Penn Station is located in the heart of the city. Nevertheless, most people do not mind a few extra minutes on the ground to take advantage of air transportation. However, wouldn’t it be convenient if JFK and Penn Station were to switch places? With the new “Aerotropolis” concept, the possibility of such an idea is being developed and may soon become reality.
Aerotropolis is literally an airport surrounded by a city. Much like the picture shown above, steps from the terminal building lay offices, luxury hotels, fine restaurants, convention centers, entertainment venues, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. The golden rule of Aerotropolis is to have nothing lay beyond a 15 minute drive from the airport; allowing the time and cost savings of flying privately to dramatically increase. “Mono-Rails” will connect all areas of the Aerotropolis allowing users to be anywhere in the city quickly and easily. Attending conventions, hosting valued clients for meetings, and conducting daily business will be easier than ever before. The efficiency, ease of access and luxuries amenities will provide extensive business and leisure opportunities for private travelers and set the standard for airports around the world. Magellan Jets, the industry leader in private jet charters, is looking forward to providing our clients with the option to utilize Aerotropolis in the future. For now, we are pleased to provide you with a wide range of private travel options on the safest, most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.

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