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The Business Travel Jet Card from Magellan Jets: At $34,950, it is the Essential Business Tool for Private Flyers

Magellan Jets, the world-class private jet service for the executive traveler who demands the best in service, safety and reliability, today announced the launch of their Business Travel Jet (BTJ) Card, which is being offered to discriminating business jet flyers in the Northeast. For the first time in history, a 10 hour jet card is being sold for the unmatched price of $34,950 – with no Federal Excise Tax and no daily minimums. The BTJ Card affords flyers 10 hours aboard the Eclipse500 jet, one of the most sought-after VLJ’s in the charter market.
Business professionals appreciate the convenience of the Business Travel Jet Card more than anything. Yes, they still receive the luxury of hassle-free travel and comfort. However, it is truly the simplicity that comes with boarding a VLJ which Magellan Jets delivers. The Eclipse500 can be paralleled to a private car service used for business trips. The BTJ Card is not about frivolity – it is about security and convenience above all.
At just $34,950 the Business Travel Jet Card provides unparalleled value that no other jet card can match at even twice the price. The benefits include:

  • No Federal Excise Tax (FET)
  • No daily minimums – Most charters require a minimum of 2 hours flight time. If you fly only 40 min with the BTJ Card, you pay for just those 40 min
  • Twin-engine Eclipse 500 offers state-of-the-art jet performance with the lowest hourly operating costs of any jet aircraft
  • 7-day aircraft availability guarantee
  • No positioning charges inside base service area
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No blackout dates
  • 5% discount on repeat purchase
  • No pass through costs

Joshua Hebert, CEO of Magellan Jets says, “Our clients are the among most discriminating business jet travelers, and we’re proud to bring them this exciting new premium jet card offering.” For more information on how you can purchase your Business Travel Jet Card today, please visit:

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