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The Latest Nautical Hot-Rod

The salty breeze over your face, the waves crashing against the hull and the roar of powerful outboards create the exhilarating feeling as you advance your speedboat’s throttles to the max. On the other end of the spectrum, the crystal clear view of the Caribbean’s sandy bottom, the majestic presence of tropical schools of fish and the serenity of being completely immersed in the natural beauty of the underwater world awaits scuba divers who are eager for adventure. How is it possible to combine these sensations into one unforgettable aquatic experience? Purchase the SC3 Sport Leisure Scubacraft and experience the latest and greatest personal watercraft available. The Scubacraft synergizes a personal watercraft and scuba diving vehicle that can skim the surface at 45 knots and submerge beneath it up to 30 meters. It is the ultimate addition to your private yacht’s array of fun machines and features the latest technology, safety specifications and performance characteristics.

The inherent risks of operating a fast water craft that functions as a submersible vehicle are greatly reduced by the SC3 Sport Leisure Scubacraft. For instance, the “positive buoyancy” design allows it to slowly float back to the surface should a power loss occur. However, if you notice an interesting shipwreck you can manually activate a “park mode” that allows the vehicle to neutrally float in the water column. Users don external scuba gear and can always freely swim to the surface should an emergency occur. The SC3 also features a VHF radio, underwater communication system, GPS, lights, an electronic surface marker buoy and an emergency position indicating radio beacon transmitter for added safety. Priced at $166,000 the SC3 Sport Leisure Scubacraft’s carbon-fiber construction is made to last and will provide years of fun and adventure on, and beneath, the water.

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