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The Middle East Continues Buying Very Large Private Jets

The Middle East has long outpaced other regions of the world for private jet ownership. Even through the latest economic downturn, Middle Eastern buyers hardly skipped a beat.
Accounting for nearly half of the more than 170 private jets sold by Airbus over its history, the Middle East continues to be a strong market for the private jet industry. Not only are more aircraft ordered, but larger aircraft are being ordered in the Middle East. Within the region, 70% of all aircraft purchases are for large-sized jets, while the average figure is approximately 15% worldwide.
Ranging from the incredibly large A330/340 VIP family, to the comparatively smaller A318 Elite, Airbus sold a total of eight large private jets to Middle Eastern buyers in 2010, while delivering ten. Airbus Marketing Director of executive and private aircraft, David Velupillai states the majority of Middle Eastern customers come from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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