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The New BMW 7-Series is the Future of Luxury Cars

The technology that allowed James Bond to drive his car remotely in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, and Tom Cruise to control technology with the wave of a hand in “Minority Report” is now reality in the new BMW 7-Series.
BMW’s new luxury sedan is impressive and highly efficient, featuring cutting-edge technology and stylish design updates that are setting the bar high for the future of travel and luxury cars. From 4-zone climate controls to ventilated massaging seats, the sixth generation BMW 7-Series is the closest thing to traveling first class on the road.

One of the most innovative features is the 7-Series’ Remote Control Parking where owners can maneuver in and out of parking spaces or garages without even being in the car. Drivers can control the car via their BMW Display Key.

The new BMW series also features the-first-of-it’s-kind hand gesture control technology, which will allow drivers to answer phone calls with just the wave of their hand.

The car will also make you feel as if you were a celebrity with its Welcome Light Carpet that projects on the ground when you open the door and enter the car at night. Inside, the LED lighting is integrated throughout the entire cabin, and the color of the lights can be altered via the iDrive menu.

The best part of the newest BMW series is without a doubt the Executive Lounge option, which allows passengers to fully stretch out their legs while browsing the Internet on one of the seven-inch tablets that come with the car. If the passenger were to bring a laptop, they can simply make use of the flip-out airline style tray tables that pop out of the center console in the backset.

To learn more about the game-changing innovative features of the new BMW 7 series, check out the video below.


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