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Tis the Season for Turboprops

With summer right around the corner, many travelers will find themselves needing short-hop flights (60 minutes or less) to and from their favorite vacation destinations.

Turboprop aircraft is the best solution for these quick flights as they have excellent runway capabilities, ample luggage space and cabins, and not to mention, are also very economical. Although top speeds on these aircraft are slower than jet aircraft, turboprops are a better option because jets don’t have the time to climb to their optimal elevation and reach their true speed performance, anyway, because of the short flight time. Plus, turboprops cruise at lower altitudes, which means there are more direct flight paths for your journey.

Are turboprop aircraft as safe as jets?
Yes. As with jet aircraft, most accidents are caused by pilot error, not mechanical failure. That said, working with a well-qualified operation and experienced flight crew is paramount on any aircraft you fly. When booking a turboprop within Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN), you have the peace of mind knowing that your Flight Support Team has qualified both the operator and flight crew, and they are held to the same high standards as when you’re booking jet aircraft with us. Your Private Aviation Consultant recommends only carefully selected aircraft, and they take the time to thoroughly explain the options available and help choose the right one for your summer getaway.
Your Flight Support Team ensures that the proper due diligence is performed which includes:

  • Flight crew background checks
  • Insurance on aircraft
  • Experience of flight crews
  • Always 2 qualified crew members on every flight
  • Equipment meets the MJPN Standards

For more information on utilizing turboprop aircraft through the MJPN, contact your Private Aviation Consultant today.
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Aside from utilizing information provided by our 3rd party safety auditing partners, Magellan Jets Flight Support and Compliance Team also provides another layer of due diligence when carefully selecting and approving aircraft and flight crews to meet our requirements. Made up of professional pilots, Compliance is responsible for carefully evaluating everything from DO85’s, Insurance, aircraft quality, incidents, customer feedback and operational knowledge of our providers. They are also pleased to work with your corporate flight department for any additional information or company requirements.

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