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Traveling To Cuba? What You Must Know Right Now

Early in 2016, the U.S. expanded their list of reasons American citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba. However, even with the expansion, many Americans are still wondering how to obtain legal clearance. Who can travel to Cuba? What’s an acceptable category of travel? What visa’s and verifications are needed? As the industry’s most trusted and experienced travel advisor to Cuba, Magellan Jets breaks down all the fine details of what it takes to get there.

Before travelers have to worry about their visit falling under one of the twelve categories approved by the DOT/Customs, they will have to make sure they can successfully produce the following criteria:
Each passenger must have a visa
A point of contact must be verified in Cuba
An address of where each passenger is staying must be verified


If you can successfully produce those 3 criteria, you are a step closer to visting Cuba. However, you will need to prove next that your reason for a visit falls under one of these 12 categories:
1. Family Visit
Close relatives in Cuba must fall under one of three categories: A Cuban national, a resident in Cuba, or a person authorized to be in Cuba for an extended period of time.
2. Government Official
U.S. and government foreign officials or a representative of an international organization which the United States is a member of and must be traveling on official business.
3. Journalist
Regularly employed journalists by a news reporting organization or regularly employed supporting broadcast / technical person, or freelance journalist or technical person supporting freelance. All of these people must be traveling for journalistic activities.
4. Full-time Professional-Research or Professional Meetings
Full-time professionals whose travel transactions are directly related to non-commercial, academic research in their full time professional area. Attending a professional meeting or conference in Cuba that doesn’t promote tourism is also allowed.
5. Educational Activities
Faculty members, staff people, or students of acreddited U.S. graduate and undergraduate programs. A person-to-person exchange in-which the traveler is sponsored by an organization and accompanied by a full-time employee or consultant of the organization can also be permitted.
6. Public performances, clinics workshops, athletic and other competitions and exhibitions
A participant or staff of a U.S. organization, and their travel is for participation in a full-time program of Public performance; or Athletic competition; or clinics/workshops.
7. Support for the Cuban People
Traveling to Cuba to perform activities with recognized human rights organizations; or independent organizations which promote a peaceful transition to democracy; or to perform activities which strengthen civil society in Cuba.
8. Humanitarian Projects
Traveling to Cuba for humanitarian reasons that involve medical/health related projects; construction projects; environmental projects, educational training.
9. Private Foundations or Research/Education Institutes
Traveling to Cuba with a US foundation/institution established interest is international relations to collect information for non-commercial use.
10. Exportation, importation, or transmission of informational materials
Traveling in conjunction with exportation/importation activities.
11. Exportation transactions authorized under US Commerce Department
Traveling to Cuba in conjunction to authorized exportation transactions authorized by the US Commerce Department.
12. Specific License
A specific license from Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that was issued prior to the trip is required.

Magellan Jets knows how challenging the process can be traveling across international borders, especially when there are this many regulations to do so. Being an industry leader in travel to Cuba, our Private Aviation Consultants are experienced and well-versed in helping our customers prepare for a trip to Cuba through our membership and charter packages.


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