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Travelling with Pets: Charter Flights are the Answer

It is always sad to hear of a pet’s death, especially when it’s unexpected. Authorities are currently investigating the deaths of seven puppies on a recent American Airlines flight. Flight 851 was headed towards Chicago when it experienced a one hour delay before taking off from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Directory of corporate communications, Mary Frances Fagan, said that the flight had 14 dog kennels on board that were “bound for other locations”. When ramp workers began the process of unloading the dogs, they noticed that the animals were unresponsive. The animals were taken from the airport to a local veterinarian, where they were announced dead. American Airlines transports over 100,000 animals every year and their website details the rules of pet travel. Unless your pet is small enough to fit in your carryon bag, he’ll have to be kenneled in the cargo area of the aircraft.
Here at Magellan Jets, we know that your pets are loving and enduring animals. We always want to ensure the best experience for you and your dog. We pride ourselves on providing pet friendly charter flights where you can be with your loved one at all times. Arrangements for doggy baskets, toys, and proper bedding are always recommended to make your dog happy and comfortable, and we’re happy to help accommodate any request. If needed, we are also happy to arrange for stop over during your charter flight so that your dog can walk around, get some fresh air, or use the bathroom. Your pets are your family, and when you arrange a charter flight through Magellan Jets we’ll make sure they’re treated that way.

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