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Unparalleled Access. Uncompromised Standards.

The mantra Magellan Jets lives by is brought to our clients through strategic use of aircraft around the world. Because Magellan Jets does not own or operate aircraft, we are able to recommend the best positioned aircraft on each and every mission for our clients.
Unparalleled Access
By using the safety certified aircraft of many major US companies, Fortune 500 companies, and private owners while they sit unused, Magellan Jets is able to acquire aircraft for our clients at a much lower cost than is often found throughout the private jet industry. Not only are costs driven down by the Magellan Jets advantage, but a greater number of private jets are available to our clients at a greater number of destinations. Less repositioning time results in options which are more flexible around client budget and logistical needs. We take great pride in providing the best value to our clients using technology to locate the right aircraft from Magellan Jet’s accredited aircraft network.
Uncompromised Standards
With the option of choosing from hundreds of private jets across the sky, Magellan Jets brings our clients leading safety standards from an impressive range of providers. All approved vendors in our network are FAA Part 135 air taxi operators, and are also required to adhere to safety requirements set forth by Wyvern and/or ARG/US, the leading 3rd party safety auditing firms in the country.
Insisting on the safest and most experienced aircraft and flight crews while using keen strategies to achieve competitive rates is what sets Magellan Jets apart from the rest.

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