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Watch Out, Superman! The World’s First Civilian Jetpack Released for Sale

Since the beginning of time every self-respecting gadget geek has dreamed of flying as free as a bird via a workable jetpack. Today, that dream is a reality. The Martin Jetpack, which was showcased at Idex in February, is a collaboration between Emirates Advanced Research and Technology Holding (Earth), Khalifa University and the New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company.
It uses sophisticated composites and a highly efficient propulsion system to achieve the goal of personal flight, with many safety features including a ballistic parachute. Originally made for military use, such as search and rescue and police force, there is a civilian version that can travel at a cruising speed of 100kph and reach heights of 1,500 meters. Why use a private jet when you could flight yourself there with a jetpack? Joking, of course, this beast of a machine only allows you 30 minutes of flight time and be careful not to go too high when your time is almost up. The new Martin Jetpack is priced at $86,000 and is the world’s first commercially available personal flying machine. 

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