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What All Americans Need to Know About Traveling to Cuba

In January 2015, President Obama took historical steps to break down the harden barrier between Cuba and the U.S. The United States has now re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba that have been undone since 1961.However, many Americans are still wondering what exactly has changed as a result of this new policy. Here are a few things you need to know about traveling to Cuba.

First, Cuba still remains off limits to U.S. tourists. Nonetheless, it has become much easier for Americans to legally visit for other reasons other than tourism. There are actually 12 reasons to be exact, which are professional research, athletic event, performances, humanitarian projects or educational activities.
If your reason for visiting falls into one of those 12 visa categories, you will need to submit your paperwork at least two weeks in advance for Cuba to approve it. Once approved, no U.S. aircraft can fly onto the island. Magellan Jets would need to work specifically with a Mexican or Canadian operator to access Cuba, or only fly out of Miami to Cuba.
If you are lucky enough to get approval into Cuba, be aware that they are not necessarily ready for a huge influx of visitors. U.S. credit cards still aren’t accepted in Cuba. You will also be taking a break from the internet, too. There is very limited connectivity in Cuba for the internet to work properly.
Even though traveling to Cuba right now can be a little bit of a hassle, now is the time to visit. Getting to the island now allows you to experience Cuba before it becomes too “Americanized”.

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