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G650 Claims Another Speed Record for the Books

This new record, like the 38 records before it, reflects the G650’s noteworthy speed and range. The aircraft arrived for the 2014 Singapore Airshow in a record breaking time of 14 hours and 6 minutes from Hawaii. It flew 5,909 nautical miles from Honolulu to Singapore International Airport on Feb 7 with an average speed of Mach 0.85, despite dealing with headwinds exceeding 100 knots. “The G650’s speed and range truly make it a time machine, saving considerable time as clients travel around the world.” Said Scott Neal, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing, Gulfstream. Speed may be one of the top features, but the G650 has much more to offer. The cabin is the largest purpose-built business-jet cabin. Allowing clients to conduct conference calls, send emails or relax in pure comfort during flight. The cabin also includes wider seats, larger windows & more aisle room.
Once the National Aeronautic Association validates the new record, the flagship Gulfstream will have accumulated 39 milestones.

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Gulfstream 650 Shatters World Record

Gulfstream Aerospace just made the world a little bit smaller. They announced at NBAA 2013 the G650 generated a new world record for circumnavigating the globe, making the trip in 41 hours 7 minutes. This time beats the previous record held since 1987 by 4 hours. “This is a momentous occasion for Gulfstream and business aviation,” said Gulfstream president Larry Flynn. “This was an awesome display of the G650’s speed and range, two performance capabilities that have helped make this aircraft the industry standard since entering service in 2012.”

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Private Jet of the Day: Gulfstream G650

For those seeking an ultra-large-cabin, ultra-high-speed aircraft, look no further than the Gulfstream G650 business jet. With the ability to fly faster, longer and more comfortably than any other jet in its class, the G650 represents the gold standard in business aviation. The G650 has the ability to carry eight passengers on nonstop legs of 7,000 nautical miles. That means this Jet is capable of connecting New York with Dubai and London with Buenos Aires.

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Gulfstream G280 Private Jet Earns Certification

Gulfstream announced yesterday that their newest Super-Midsizes offering, the G280, had received it’s type certification in the U.S. and Israel. The paves the way for them to begin full-scale production of the new jet.

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G650 One Step Closer to Service

Private jet setters are another step closer to flying faster, higher and further than ever before as the G650 has reached another certification milestone. FAA test pilots have signed off on the elite aircraft’s fuel, hydraulic and fly-by-wire control systems in addition to other significant components. Gulfstream currently has four test planes in the G650 program which have accumulated 2,675 hours across 820 flights; the longest being 14 consecutive hours covering a distance of 7,000 nautical miles. What this means for the executive traveler is a new world of possibilities when it comes to private aviation. The G650’s capabilities will allow a group of 8 executives to wisp nonstop at 51,000 feet from New York to Tokyo; far beyond the altitude of any weather or airline traffic.

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Fly like a G6 – or should we say G650!

Now I’m feelin’ so fly like a G6, like a G6, like a G6.
You might recognize these lyrics from the Billboard Top 100 song, “Like a G6”. The electro-house single by Far East Movement has been number 1 on iTunes and currently has more than 9 million views on YouTube.

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