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Jackson Hole guide to sunrise view of grand teton and a stream schwabachers landing in grand teton national park, usa

Jackson Hole Wyoming

With winter soon approaching, it is time to find the best holiday destinations to travel to this 2018/2019. One place that Magellan has seen a

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Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Whether for business or pleasure, if your travels take you to the South of France, a stay at the famed Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc will not

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De-Icing and What to Expect this Winter Season

In many areas of the country, fall is a distant memory in the rear view mirror (or the “birds-eye” camera view on your jet!). With frost soon settling in throughout the country, de-icing trucks will soon be a familiar vehicle on taxiways at many airports. Of course de-icing is a very important safety precaution that should not be avoided or rushed. Depending on the amount of precipitation, type of fluid used, and size of aircraft you’ll be traveling on, costs will vary.

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Four Tips To Make the Most of Your Time in the Air

There’s nothing more frustrating than lost time when you’re traveling for business. Staying efficient is a big part of staying ahead – even in the air. However, many travelers are unaware of the outlets at their disposal when flying private.

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10 Winter Getaways for Those Who Love (and Hate) Winter

With winter quickly approaching as we head into the end of October, travelers may be thinking of their next journey. While some may enjoy escaping to a warmer climate, others may be looking for relaxation in a winter wonderland. Whether you prefer the slopes or a sun soaked beach during the season, here are 10 winter destinations to getaway.

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5 Reasons You’ll be Happy You Flew Private This Holiday Season

You’ve booked your flight, packed up the family and you are ready to take off to your holiday destination. Private jet travel is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about spending less time waiting in lines at the airport and more time with people that you care about, in places where you’ll make memories last forever.

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Tis the Season for Booking Holiday Jet Travel

Depending on where you and your family are off too this holiday season, you may find that you need an aircraft that will provide a bit more space for your extra luggage. If you are headed to the mountains this year and are bringing your own ski equipment, use this chart below to help figure out which jet is right for your holiday travels.

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What All Americans Need to Know About Traveling to Cuba

In January 2015, President Obama took historical steps to break down the harden barrier between Cuba and the U.S. The United States has now re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba that have been undone since 1961.However, many Americans are still wondering what exactly has changed as a result of this new policy. Here are a few things you need to know about traveling to Cuba.

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Tis the Season for Turboprops

With summer right around the corner, many travelers will find themselves needing short-hop flights (60 minutes or less) to and from their favorite vacation destinations.

Turboprop aircraft is the best solution for these quick flights as they have excellent runway capabilities, ample luggage space and cabins, and not to mention, are also very economical. Although top speeds on these aircraft are slower than jet aircraft, turboprops are a better option because jets don’t have the time to climb to their optimal elevation and reach their true speed performance, anyway, because of the short flight time. Plus, turboprops cruise at lower altitudes, which means there are more direct flight paths for your journey.

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