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What Makes Nantucket and the Hamptons Special for Memorial Day Weekend? We Asked the Experts…

Memorial Day is the official start of the travel season, and that’s something to celebrate! From lying out on one of America’s most beautiful white beaches to sailing away with family and friends in the Atlantic Ocean, what better way to celebrate the USA than traveling to the country’s most fabulous beach towns? If spending a three-day weekend relaxing beachside in the USA sounds like your ideal holiday, Nantucket and the Hamptons are calling your name!
To learn more about why these two famous destinations are so special for Memorial Day, Magellan Jets sat down with the people who know Nantucket and the Hamptons best. Publisher of Nantucket Magazine/ real estate investor, Bruce Percelay, and Hamptons real estate expert, Darius Narizzano, explain to us why we should all be headed to Nantucket and the Hamptons for the holiday. 

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A Sizable Increase During Holiday Travel- Are You Prepared?

This year, the United States Department of Transportation reported that travel during the Thanksgiving week will increase by 54% compared to the rest of the year.  The weeks of  Christmas and New Years will see an increase of 23%.  With these sizable increases it’s important to have aviation professionals working with you proactively to create a seamless and memorable holiday travel experience.  
Graph Provided by Avinode

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Why Booking Your Holiday Travel Early is Important

Summer is officially over, and the holiday season will soon be upon us! Everyone knows holiday travel is a hassle. It’s the busiest travel season of the year so there are more delays and there’s less aircraft availability, and the addition of unpredictable winter weather can make the whole situation a nightmare. Thankfully, booking your holiday charter early can help ease those headaches. 
Booking in advance allows our Sourcing Team to provide you with an exceptional aircraft during a period when most companies are struggling to give you the bare minimum. This time also allows our Flight Support Team, made up exclusively of professional pilots, to secure any necessary reservations or other arrangements to help create a seamless experience for you, your family, and your guests.

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Magellan Jets Top 5 New Year’s Eve Destinations

With 2014 just around the bend, it is time to think about New Year’s parties and events. Magellan Jets has assembled a list of the top 5 New Year’s Eve destinations across the country, based mostly on popularity and best celebrations. From bustling cities to laid back ski destinations, to the nation’s most notorious party towns these destinations will offer a vacation to remember and Magellan Jets has the perfect recommendations on which private jet can get you there!

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3 Essential Tips For Booking Your Holiday Private jet Travel

3 Essential Tips For Booking Your Holiday Private Jet Travel
{{cta(‘471537b8-b4b4-4d66-a293-237c04add316′,’justifyleft’)}} It’s that time of year again!!  This December and January the private jet market will see requests increase 30%-60% over the rest of the year.  Jet setters all over the country will be traveling to the most popular Jet Set destinations including, Aspen, Wyoming, Salt Lake City, Cabo, St. Martin, St. Barths etc. With supply remaining the same, and demand up, how will you be sure that the perfect aircraft to meet your needs is available?  Will you be paying too much, and is the flight crew experienced at the airport of your destination?  Here are 3 Essential Tips that will help you beat the headaches, and ensure the best rates, safety standards and ease of booking your Holiday Travel.
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Escape the Holiday Chaos in the City and Unwind in a Unique New England Cottage

Winvian and Premier Private Jet Charter Broker Magellan Jets Partner to Offer the Ultimate Holiday Getaway
The leading private jet charter company, Magellan Jets, and the luxurious Winvian Resort in Connecticut are pleased to announce an exclusive holiday travel experience like no other.  The luxury brands invite guests to escape the chaos of the city and indulge in a premier travel package that merges the exclusive offerings of an unconventional, romantic and extraordinary New England getaway with private access to full-service, round-trip helicopter flights from New York City through Magellan Jets.

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Why November 11th? | Veterans Day

Veterans Day is not one of those “Hallmark” holidays created to force us to buy expensive chocolates & ridiculous amounts of balloons, but an official day for us to say “Thank You” to those who have served our country!   Outside our office this morning they held a Veterans Day parade to honor our vets. Different U.S. armed forces marched down the street holding our nation’s flag proudly in the air. I was standing next to an older gentleman who was contently watching as the first group of military men & women came near. You could tell immediately this day was very close to his heart. As they approached us I watched him stand a little straighter and raise his hand proudly to salute them as they walked by, not moving an inch until each one had passed. It was such a cool moment to witness on this very patriotic day. I smiled as I stared at him and quickly snapped a photo.  

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Top 4 Most Haunted Places | Magellan Jets

With the arrival of Halloween upon us today, I decided to join in on the spooky traditions of the holiday and collect the top 4 most haunted places in the U.S. I have to admit that researching these locations did bring a chill down my spine. There are some pretty creepy places out there!! Enjoy & Happy Halloween!!

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Deer Valley Celebrity SkiFest

Magellan Jets and Resorts West Partner to offer luxury package during Deer Valley Celebrity SkiFest
Celebrities, skiing, a private jet and luxury accommodations

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Magellan Jets Top 4 Places You Should Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks the end of sunny beach days and finger-licking good family barbeques as we prepare to embrace the enchanting chills of fall. This last hurrah of the summer offers a chance to melt into the last weekend of warmth, reflecting on memories made and looking forward to the abundance of new opportunities that will sprout in the next year. Labor Day is a celebration of the collective economic and social achievements of the working people of America. Every hardworking person deserves to take a break, where will you be taking your break this Labor Day weekend? If you’re looking for an exhilarating, action-packed weekend to end the summer in a big bang, this list is for you. If you’re looking to find yourself in a weekend of tranquil relaxation, self-reflection while inhaling beautiful imagery, this list is for you. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly weekend of non-stop entertainment with lots of photo opportunities, this list is for you. Here are 4 handpicked destinations that are sure to meet everyone’s expectations of a perfect long weekend, and Magellan Jets charter experts are ready to assist you in getting there.
Vegas: It’s no gamble to book your own private jet this time of year and Vegas is the perfect destination to fly to. By day, picture yourself cooling down from the desert heat by sipping your favorite cocktail under a cabana by the poolside, or maybe sitting inside the patio at Cabo Wabo Cantina where you can get a prime spot for excellent people watching over the upcoming Labor Day weekend. At night, experience the glittering nightlife at the hottest clubs, famous casinos and captivating shows. You could even catch a live concert/show from one of the many artists featured during the weekend (line-up includes Brad Paisley, Black Sabbath, Whoopi Goldberg, etc) For those adventurous types who seek thrill outdoors, break a sweat hiking or rock climbing at red rock canyon, the sights are sure to take your breath away. Whatever your plan is for Labor Day weekend, Vegas can sure supply it for you, and Magellan Jets can supply you with the right jet to get you there!

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Top 5 Places to Celebrate Fourth of July

Fourth of July is one of the largest celebrations during summer. While virtually every town has their own special way to celebrate Independence’s Day, jumping on-board our luxury private jets to one of these top 5 locations is the ultimate summer party kick off.From parades and festivals, to fireworks and fabulous food, there is sure to be a place for everyone.

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Magellan Jets Top 4 Destinations to Spend Memorial Day Weekend

While Memorial Day is devoted to honor the U.S. men and women who died in the military service, it is also known as the unofficial start of summer! With the beautiful weather finally starting to show its face, there is no better time to start the BBQ and enjoy some sunshine. Magellan Jets dedicated  team is ready to help you book your private jet for Memorial Day weekend! Pack your bags and get ready to jet off to one of these highlighted places! 

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Book Your Private Jet to One of These St. Patrick’s Day Hot Spots!

Even if St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most unusual holidays we celebrate, it still means two things…consuming vast quantities of beer and having lots of fun. So who really cares, right? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 11.2% of the United States is of Irish decent, but when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, it seems the whole country becomes Irish. Magellan Jets is ready to jet you off to the top 3 best cities for St. Patrick’s Day! Grab a group of your most rowdy beer drinking buddies and hop aboard your own luxury private jet to begin the celebration right! Our top of the line Flight Support Team will cater to any of your requests…maybe some green beer on your charter jets?

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Private Jet Traveling Tips For High Traffic Destinations


Since we are currently in the middle of the hustle and bustle of high traffic season for air travel (think Super Bowl or winter in Aspen) we decided to gather some useful information and tips to ensure that your private jet travel to busy airports remains both relaxing and stress-free.

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Magellan Jets: Top 5 New Year’s Eve Destinations

With 2013 just around the bend, it is time to think about New Year’s parties and events. Magellan Jets has assembled a list of the top 5 New Year’s Eve destinations across the country, based mostly on popularity and best celebrations. From bustling cities to laid back ski destinations, to the nation’s most notorious party towns these destinations will offer a vacation to remember and Magellan Jets has the perfect recommendations on which private jet can get you there!

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Fly Private For Your Holiday Travels

Studies show spending time away from the office with friends and family does wonders for your state of mind. Enjoying a holiday getaway is not just a luxury, but an investment on your health! Getting away from work and taking time to relax during December and early January has proven to help manage the rest of the year more effectively. So do yourself a favor and take advantage of these months to escape the office.  Holiday months might be the easiest time to get away, but they can also be the most difficult time to find travel accommodations. Doesn’t it seem commercial air travel is getting worse and worse as the years go by? Thankfully, Magellan Jets is here to make your last minute holiday travel plans easy and enjoyable! Private air travel provides flexible options for your holiday agenda. Whether you’re envisioning yourself soaking up the rays on an exotic beach, or travelling across the country to be surrounded by your loved ones, you can count on Magellan Jets to get you to your destination with ease.  Avoid waiting at the check-in desk, lengthy security lines, and being stuck in crowed airports with private jet charter. Go where you want this holiday season with an available stress-free, hassle-free solution.  It’s simple, give our dedicated charter experts a call and we’ll do the rest! 

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