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g280 vs challenger 300 private jet

Challenger 300 vs. Gulfstream G280

Both in the super midsize jet category, the Challenger 300 and Gulfstream G280 have similarities in fuel efficiency, size, and advanced avionics. Although fairly similar

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The Global 5500

With the launch of the newest series of Global Business Jets in 2019, Bombardier is defining a new class of business aviation. Offering wide cabin

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Gulfstream G150

As one of the most cost-effective mid jets on the market, Gulfstream’s G150 has impressive range performance, an advanced avionics suite, and a comfortable cabin.

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Gulfstream G IV

With new advancements and upgraded technology, the Gulfstream G IV offers more than its previous siblings. The G IV is the fourth installation in the

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Gulfstream G450

As an iconic and popular Gulfstream aircraft, the G450 offers long-range capabilities and comfort. Designed for business productivity, the G450 is so well-equipped that it

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Gulfstream G400

As a staple aircraft in the Gulfstream family, the G400 is a heavy jet providing constant reliability and unbeatable performance. First delivered in 1987, the

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Global Express XRS

Introduced in 2003, the Global Express XRS is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Global Express. With greater range and an improved design, the

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Gulfstream G500

Successfully completing its first flight in May of 2015, the new Gulfstream G500 is scheduled to reach FAA certification near the end of 2017. The

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Gulfstream To Cease Production Of The G450 To Make Way For The G500

Last week Gulfstream made the surprising announcement it will cease production of the aircraft Forbes’ Custom described as a “Business Aviation Icon”. In order to pave the way for one of the most highly anticipated aircraft Gulfstream has ever created in the G500, the G450 will make its last delivery to a customer in early 2018.

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Pilot Review: Gulfstream G650

The $65 million business jet that had a 3+ year wait list to even place an order is coming soon to the Magellan Jets Membership program. So what’s it like to fly on what many refer to as the biggest and overall best private jet money can buy? It’s hard to find a place to start, but here’s what separates the G650 from the competitive pack.

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Magellan Jets

5 Things You May Not Know About Magellan Jets

After a monumental year of growth in 2015, Magellan Jets is continuing the trend in 2016. There have been some exciting new developments with more to come before year’s end. From new membership deals to prestigious awards, there are things you may have missed during the year of rapid growth. Here are 5 things you may not know about Magellan Jets.

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Flying Private? The Top 3 Jets For Your Business

According to the National Business Aviation Association, employees save 3 hours and are 50% more productive when flying private instead of commercial. More and more companies are investing in a business aircraft to maximize their employees productivity. Through the Magellan Jets’ jet-specific membership program, your company can have access to the top jets built for your business. Here are the top 3 business aircraft that your company should be looking at in 2016.

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5 Reasons a Gulfstream G450 Is An Investment Your Company Needs To Make In 2016

When the Gulfstream G450 was introduced to the world, The Financial Times referred to it as a “high-speed time saver”. The long-range business jet has certainly lived up to it’s name. With the ability to fly nonstop from New York to Sao Paulo, Brazil, the G450 is giving companies back their most valuable asset, time. Since Magellan Jets is offering up to 6 free hours in a G450 for a limited time only with new memberships, now is the perfect time to see why the aircraft has earned such a loyal following. Here are five ways a Gulfstream G450 can help your company in 2016.

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G500 Takes Flight: Everything You Need To Know About the Gulfstream Aircraft

The clouds have met the G500 for the very first time.
Gulftream Aerospace’s new wide-cabin business jet completed its first flight last Monday with pilots evaluating the G500’s flight controls and overall performance. The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 15,000 ft. and achieved a top air speed of 194 kts during it’s 2 hour and 16 minute flight. The G500 is the first of the twinjets to begin flight tests, and is part of Gulfstream’s new family of large-cabin, long-range aircraft that also includes the G600.

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Gulfstream G650ER Flies Around The Globe

The G650ER showed off its “long-legs” in February when it flew around the globe with only one fuel stop needed. The jet started its journey from White Plains, NY and flew across the Atlantic, Europe and Asia before landing 13 hours and 20 minutes later in Beijing. The jet refueled in Beijing and continued across the Pacific and US before ending its journey 12 hours later in Savannah, GA. Both legs of the trip were finished with fuel remaining in excess of National Business Aviation Association instrument flight rule reserves. Pretty impressive.

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Gulfstream Announces Arrival of Two New Business Jets

Gulfstream Announces Arrival of Two New Business Jets
Gulfstream will be adding two new business jets to its growing fleet. This month at its Savannah, GA headquarter, Gulfstream unmasked the new G500 and G600. Both jets boast 100% fresh air, room for up to 19 passengers in an extra wide cabin and touch screen flight decks. The new aircraft also feature fly-by-wire flight control and they will be the first Gulfstreams to feature active side stick controls. The new jets are expected to enter service in 2018.

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Private Jet of the Day: Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280

The G280 encompasses outstanding performance, comfort and advanced technology. With a new high speed wing and two Honeywell HTF7250G engines, the G280 boasts the longest range and fastest cruise speed in the super mid-size business class. With 935 cubic feet, the G280 provides the most spacious

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G650 Claims Another Speed Record for the Books

This new record, like the 38 records before it, reflects the G650’s noteworthy speed and range. The aircraft arrived for the 2014 Singapore Airshow in a record breaking time of 14 hours and 6 minutes from Hawaii. It flew 5,909 nautical miles from Honolulu to Singapore International Airport on Feb 7 with an average speed of Mach 0.85, despite dealing with headwinds exceeding 100 knots. “The G650’s speed and range truly make it a time machine, saving considerable time as clients travel around the world.” Said Scott Neal, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing, Gulfstream. Speed may be one of the top features, but the G650 has much more to offer. The cabin is the largest purpose-built business-jet cabin. Allowing clients to conduct conference calls, send emails or relax in pure comfort during flight. The cabin also includes wider seats, larger windows & more aisle room.
Once the National Aeronautic Association validates the new record, the flagship Gulfstream will have accumulated 39 milestones.

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Gulfstream 650 Shatters World Record

Gulfstream Aerospace just made the world a little bit smaller. They announced at NBAA 2013 the G650 generated a new world record for circumnavigating the globe, making the trip in 41 hours 7 minutes. This time beats the previous record held since 1987 by 4 hours. “This is a momentous occasion for Gulfstream and business aviation,” said Gulfstream president Larry Flynn. “This was an awesome display of the G650’s speed and range, two performance capabilities that have helped make this aircraft the industry standard since entering service in 2012.”

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Gulfstream Aerospace Celebrates Two Milestones This Month

Gulfstream Aerospace had two reasons to celebrate on August 14-the 55th anniversary of the GI’s first flight in 1958 and the 10th anniversary of the G550’s FAA certification in 2003. It was the first time in Gulfstream history that an aircraft received both certifications on the same day.

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