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Intelligent Performance Meets Environmental Responsibility

More power on less fuel, greater efficiency and lower CO2 emissions makeup the framework for Porsche’s “Intelligent Performance” philosophy and are ever present in the all-new 2013 Cayenne GTS. Although the 2013 is the most efficient GTS ever built, it boasts an 8 cylinder 4.8 liter engine producing 420 horsepower, excelling the operator from zero to sixty in 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 162 mph. Additionally, in consideration of the more environmentally conscious driver, Porsche has amazingly engineered the GTS to afford its owner 21 highway miles per gallon. An active all-wheel drive layout and 8-speed Tiptronic S transmission provides an overall world-class driving experience, however, the incredible features of the 2013 GTS are not exclusively located under the hood. The driver and passengers of the GTS will experience an immense package of convenient, practical and luxurious accessories to make their trip a world-class automotive adventure.

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