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5 Luxury Hotels For Your Bucket List

Hotels around the world are trying to be more than just a place to rest your head, but a destination in and of themselves.   As summer itineraries begin to fill up with luxury destinations,  many travelers are looking into the alternative route of hotels that serve as a vacation.  Offering everything from private beach views to personal chefs, these hotels are something you will want to put on your bucket liist.   

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Flying Private? The Top 3 Jets For Your Business

According to the National Business Aviation Association, employees save 3 hours and are 50% more productive when flying private instead of commercial.  More and more companies are investing in a business aircraft to maximize their employees productivity.  Through the Magellan Jets’ jet-specific membership program, your company can have access to the top jets built for your business.  Here are the top 3 business aircraft that your company should be looking at in 2016.    

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6 Things To Know For The 2016 Masters

The Masters rank as one of the most popular private jet destinations in the world every year.  It’s no surprise the weeks leading up to them are some of the most exciting times here at Magellan Jets with everyone trying to book a flight.  The Masters officially tee-off three weeks from today on April 7th, in Augusta, Georgia, which got Magellan Jets thinking about some of the biggest things to look out for this year both on and off the course.

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Global 6000 year-over-year growth Magellan Jets private jet

3 Tips To Help You Get to Super Bowl 50… Smoothly.

We asked our Director of Flight Support, Patricia Reed, to give her tips for gearing up for Super Bowl 50 in terms of private aviation. With over 15 years’ experience (or 15 Super Bowls’ experience) in the private aviation industry under her belt, and decades of pilot’s experience, Pat laid out her valuable advice based on memorable experiences in aviation during this busy season. Get the real scoop on how to prepare if you want to make it to the game on time and in style without worrying about anything but the good times to be had.

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Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Nevis Partner to Offer the Ultimate Family Caribbean Getaway

With Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Nevis, the vacation begins before your toes hit the sand. These renowned purveyors of luxury and hospitality have announced the ultimate family vacation package to Nevis, which takes beachside “R&R” to new heights. From the moment guests take off, they’ll experience the highest end, family friendly adventures money can buy. They need only arrive to their awaiting jet, and allow professionals to handle the rest while guests sip fresh cocktails amidst the tropical air.

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Four Seasons Unveils Luxury Private Jet

Four Seasons Hotels and Spas recently traded in their lavish white bed sheets for beautiful white clouds as they debuted their latest hospitality service; a luxury Four Seasons private jet that wisps guests around the world for a whopping $119,000 a person.

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Experience Your Wardrobe How You Envision Your Private Flying Experience

Experience Your Wardrobe How You Envision Your Private Flying Experience Guest Post By: Megan Averbuch 
Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert likes his clothing how he likes his jets: top in luxury, top in quality. With this in mind, shopping is easiest with NYC based Schuyler4 Showroom. Besides receiving a private flight worthy experience, which includes a one-on-one, personalized and intimate treatment, Schuyler4 can fill your closet with the most luxurious clothing.

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Four Seasons Resort Nevis and Magellan Jets Partner to Offer The Ultimate Holiday Gift: A Luxury Caribbean Getaway

Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Nevis, leaders in private jet travel and luxury hospitality respectively, announce the ultimate holiday gift package: a luxury getaway to Nevis.  This deal comes complete with a private charter on-board the Challenger 604 and villa accommodations in the new, seven-bedroom Hill Estate atFour Seasons Resort Nevis.

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Gulfstream G450

The Most Exclusive Private Jet Tour of Italy!

An 8 day exclusive private jet tour Italy package to Florence & Venice. This once in a lifetime trip will provide customers with private access to historical museums, tours of Italy’s finest palazzos, and dining opportunities with Italian Aristocracy. Groups of up to 14 people can take the tour, leaving from their local US airport by private jet and flying directly to Florence. The program if fully inclusive of all accommodation, meals, wines, guides and admission fees.

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Luxury Summer Travel Solution to Top Destinations in The Northeast

Calling all the New Yorkers & Bostonians! Looking for luxury summer vacation ideas in the Northeast? Step on-board one of the most sought-after jets for island hopping. The Eclipse 500 is a small 4-seat private jet that is perfect for getting to and from top destinations such as The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket in style. Anyone from the New England area who has driven to these luxury summer hot spots knows the ridiculous amount of time wasted sitting around in traffic or waiting for a ferry. Magellan Jets wants to alleviate those headaches by providing you the perfect solution for your summer time travel needs. By choosing to do your luxury summer travel on the Eclipse, you receive all the perks of a private jet without the higher costs of using a light jet. This smaller jet option provides state of the art performance with the lowest hourly rate and no repositioning fee inside the service area!
Below is an example of pricing for a private jet to The Hamptons, Maratha’s Vineyard & Nantucket this summer: ( All include roundtrip pricing on Eclipse 500 only)

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4 Mesmerizing Hotels You Must See to Believe

Hotel De L’Europe, Amsterdam

  1. The hotel was originally built along the Amstel River in the 17th Century to protect the city from invaders. Today the location is perfection, located on the busiest square in Amsterdam; Hotel De L’Europe is walking distance to the Van Gogh Museum
  2. The interior of the hotel is surreal, originally designed to showcase the artwork of famous Dutch Masters.
  3. Hotel De L’Europe is home to one of Amsterdam’s most beloved Executive Chef’s, Richard van Oostenbrugge, who was recently awarded Gaultmillau 2014 Chef of the year, for consistently offering seasonal favorites to guests.
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New World’s Largest Aircraft’s surprising luxury air travel potential

Credit: Airlander
Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson is spearheading publicity for a radical new 300 foot long fuel efficient airship. The craft, known as the HAV304, will travel up to 100 mph for up to 3 weeks at a time carrying over 22,000 lbs of payload. It’s planned as a platform for cargo, surveillance, and communications with Dickinson touting its ability to drop its cargo “right where it needs to be.”

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A Windowless Supersonic Jet with Panoramic Views

Just when you thought the future of flying was all figured out, Spike Aerospace reveals a new supersonic jet concept.  The latest supersonic jet displays a radical new design where the entire cabin wall will be covered in a thin screen. No need to fight over a window seat anymore because the entire wall can be changed into a panoramic window. The jet will use tiny external cameras to create a sensational panoramic vista. By removing the windows it could eliminate any structural issues and reduce the aircraft weight. The smooth exterior will allow the supersonic jet to move quicker since drag will be reduced due to the windows removal.

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First Floating Hotel With Underwater Views

Thanks to a Swedish design team “sleeping with the fishes” just got another meaning. If you are looking for a truly unique luxury experience to check off your bucket list…here it is! Off the coast of Tanzania, The Manta Resort on Pemba Island sits 4 meters beneath the surface. The Manta Resort’s three tiered floating island includes a roof deck, lounging floor at sea level and of course an underwater bedroom surrounded by windows. In the evening the windows are under-lit by spotlights, offering an amazing view of the ocean at all times. The three-tiered floating island includes a roof deck, lounging floor and underwater bedroom.

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Your pets will love traveling with Magellan Jets!

Your furry friend will love flying with Magellan Jets, because when you

charter a private jet with us, we have specialists on board to cater to and

spoil your pet. We emphasize that the more the merrier- human or animal!

Not many aviation businesses are willing to have animals be a priority, but

here at Magellan Jets, we know our clients love their pets and we deliver to

any need you or your pet may have. So book a flight with us, soon! You and

your pet will be happy you did. 

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Private Jet of the Day: Gulfstream G650

For those seeking an ultra-large-cabin, ultra-high-speed aircraft, look no further than the Gulfstream G650 business jet. With the ability to fly faster, longer and more comfortably than any other jet in its class, the G650 represents the gold standard in business aviation. The G650 has the ability to carry eight passengers on nonstop legs of 7,000 nautical miles. That means this Jet is capable of connecting New York with Dubai and London with Buenos Aires. 

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The Ultimate Park City Food & Wine Classic Vacation Package

Magellan Jets and Resorts West Partner to offer the Ultimate Park City Food & Wine Classic Vacation Package 
Five days, more than 100 food artisans and wineries, a private jet and a five-star resort
 In celebration of the Park City Food & Wine Classic, Resorts West has partnered with private jet industry leader Magellan Jets, to create a most exclusive and prestigious vacation package, complete with tickets for four to daily festival events, round-trip flights on one of Magellan’s exemplary jets and luxurious accommodations through Resorts West.

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Island Outpost Resorts and Magellan Jets Announce the Ultimate James Bond Adventure Experience in Jamaica

Premiere Private Jet Charter Company Pairs Up with Leading Jamaican Boutique Resort Collection to Provide Travelers with an Authentic Bond Experience
 Magellan Jets and Island Outpost have announced the Ultimate Bond Adventure Experience to Jamaica.  The package will include private charter through Island Outposts’ preferred private jet charter company, Magellan Jets, to the exclusive Ian Fleming International Airport in Jamaica, and accommodations at GoldenEye and Strawberry Hill. A variety of perks will be included to ensure that this will be the ultimate Bond adventure experience.

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The Best Tips to Avoid Jet Lag on Your Next Private Jet Flight

Many travelers fail to take into account the leap in time zones and the toll it can take on your body’s internal clock. Flying from the US to Europe, East Coast to West Coast or vise versa can switch your wristwatch three to nine hours. Your body says, “Hey, what’s going on here?” Jet lag can cause some very unpleasant effects such as fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration, confusion, hunger at inappropriate times or lack of appetite, and general malaise and irritability.

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