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World’s First Private Jet Showroom Opens in London

The Jet Business, an aircraft broker, has opened the world’s first corporate aviation showroom for business jet aircraft in London’s Hyde Park Corner. This exclusive location is just the starting point. They have plans to open a store in the Chinese city of Beijing as well as another in New York City. The showroom is the brainchild of Steven Varsano who strongly advocates this user-friendly way of testing the product.

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Good for Business; New Private Jets to Give Competitive Edge

As private aviation continues to grow, so do the product lines of the industry’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Whether your travels include multi-leg same day hops down the east coast, a trans-continental trip from LA to New York, or a jump across the pond, the new business aircraft of the 21st century can accommodate your every demand.  Cessna, Embraer and Dassault have recently rolled out brand new models that will set the standard for what private flyers expect from their aircraft. Leading the pack is the midsize Cessna Latitude, featuring the widest cabin business aviation has ever seen.  Bolstering a 6 foot high ceiling and a 21 foot overall length, the Latitude will offer the most comfortable and efficient cabin today’s business executives will come to rely on. Even more impressive than its size is the Latitude’s range. Climb to 43,000 feet in 23 minutes and wisp from LA to New York at 442 knots. Far above any weather and commercial airline traffic, your flight will be as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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The Hawker 800XP; Workhorse of the Private Aviation Fleet

Every commercial airline has its workhorse. Meaning, the “bread & butter” airplane they rely on for maximum efficiency and the highest return on investment. For the private aviation industry, that aircraft is the Hawker 800XP. Engineered and manufactured by the Hawker-Beechcraft Corporation, the 800XP is a workhorse in every sense of the word and is a logical option when deciding to invest in private aviation. Efficiency, dependability and safety are just a few words one can use to describe this remarkable business jet. The industry-leading midsize jet combines the largest cabin in its category coupled with world-class performance numbers. These features lead to unsurpassed value allowing for a safe, fast and relaxing flight at an excellent price. The Hawker 800XP also affords its passengers with a fully enclosed lavatory and galley. With a range between 2,300-2,800 miles, seating for six passengers, a cruise speed of 536 mph and a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, the 800XP is the perfect aircraft for both your business and personal travel needs. 

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