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4 Myths Of The New Apple Airpods

Headphones have become an item most travelers will not leave the house without, but the industry may be in for a major shakeup. With Apple’s recent release of the brand new Airpod technology, the internet has been flooded with an array of reviews ranging from groundbreaking technology to a severly overthought updgrade. You can make the judgement when you give them a try, but for now, make sure you don’t believe these four myths of the new Apple Airpods.

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Apple Unveils the New iPad

Months of anticipation, excitement and impatience has finally come to an end as yesterday, March 7th, Apple officially revealed the revolutionary new iPad. It appears as though the new tablet will live up to expectations featuring an all-new Retina display, improved wireless connection capability and a state-of-the art built-in camera. The Retina display will allow users to experience the iPad like never before; presenting images with stunning sharpness and clarity. The cutting-edge display is not exclusively responsible for the new iPad’s exceptional display quality, however. Apple’s new camera comes equipped with a five-element, hybrid infrared lens that allows for the highest-quality photographs. Furthermore, an improved wireless connection capability means fewer lost signals when you are at home, the office or at the airport. It also allows users to download apps, documents, and upload photos faster than ever before.

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Apple Expected to Announce iPhone 4S Today

Apple is expected to announce a new iteration of the iPhone at today’s media event. The Cupertino, CA company has been working with developers for several months testing a new version of its iOS software and that’s expected to be the centerpiece of what inside sources are calling the iPhone 4S.

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