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European destinations accessible by Falcon 6X in Mid-Flight

Top 5 Places In Europe To Visit This Summer

Did you know that Europe is one of the top summer destinations this year? With 24/7/365 support your Flight Support and Membership success teams are always available to make your travel throughout Europe seamless and memorable. Here are a few of Magellan Jets top picks for European destinations this summer!

Top 5 European Destinations To Visit This Summer

1. Riga, Latvia

Instead of the usual suspects, consider exploring spots in Eastern Europe that remain under the radar. Riga, Latvia, sits on the River Daugava at the Baltic Sea and is home to a variety of attractions with none of the crowds you’ll find in more prominent European locales.

In Riga, visitors can enjoy museums, concert halls, and both medieval and art nouveau architecture as they stroll the pedestrian-only streets of Old Town.

2. Sardinia

A large Italian island in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. I’s hard to find a scene in Sardinia that isn’t picturesque. Overall, the European destination features colorful hillside towns and towering cliffs that cascade down onto remote beaches.

The coastal city of Olbia has historic medieval touches and an under-the-radar vibe that visitors seeking a seaside Italian experience will find irresistible.

3. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Few could locate Luxembourg on a map, but the tiny country packs thousands of years of history into breathtaking cityscapes and countryside. Luxembourg City arose from an old fortress; the tunnels, ramparts, parapets, and other remains of the medieval castle city still exist today, adding a layer of intrigue to the bustling and wealthy city.

Once you arrive in Europe, a first-class Eurail pass is a great way to explore city to city without buying separate train passes each time. Popping in and out of Luxembourg is seamless since it’s close to the borders of Germany, France and Belgium.

4. Malta

Malta is a lesser-known country located in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern coast of Italy. Specifically, Malta is an amazing spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, beaches and lagoons. It’s also great for history and culture, as it’s been inhabited since around 6000 BC.

Many popular movies and TV shows were filmed at least partially in Malta. In particular, these include Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Troy, Murder on the Orient Express, Assassin’s Creed, and The Da Vinci Code. Film buffs will enjoy exploring filming locations across Malta.

5. Capri

For travelers who crave that distinctly Italian mix of rugged, beautiful landscapes, designer shopping, fresh cuisine, and a laid-back appreciation of la dolce vita, the island of Capri is the answer. Located in the Bay of Naples, Capri’s dramatic coastline and sparkling blue water draw many travelers.

Plus, for a spritz well earned at the end of a long day in paradise, caves, ruins, mountains, and beaches make for adventurous exploits around Capri. No matter what kind of picturesque view you seek, Capri is sure to have it in abundance.

How to Visit European Destinations This Summer

Interested in traveling to any of these European destinations this summer? Contact Magellan Jets now at 617-328-(JETS) or click below to get an instant quote.

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