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The Magellan Jets blog is your go-to resource for all things related to private jet travel, the aviation industry, and even more. 

Join us Monday at the Liberty National Golf Course for the First Annual Freedom Classic

On Monday May 4th, Magellan Jets will be sponsoring a number of holes at the First Annual Freedom Classic on New Jersey’s new course, Liberty National Golf Course. The course recently opened, it contains 18 glorious holes with a beautiful view of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Magellan Jets will be sponsoring the 2nd hole and if any of the 80 amateurs playing should hit a hole in one on this 196 yard par 3 hole, they will win a 95,000 dollar Voyager Card towards future trips with Magellan Jets. On the other three par threes Magellan Jets will be offering prizes from plasma screen televisions to a new set of golf clubs for hole in one winners. Come out and collect great Magellan Jets merchandise and enjoy the event!

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Cessna Cutting Back in More Ways Than One

Cessna began issuing layoff notices to 1,600 of the 2,300 employees that will lose their jobs by the end of June. On top of the layoffs, Cessna has decided to shelve what was to be their new top of the line aircraft, the Columbus. Cessna is also closing The Bend, Ore, plant it inherited through the acquisition of Columbia Aircraft. CEO, Jack Pelton said that suspending work on the Columbus was difficult, but they need to be realistic in current economic times. They expect to refund around 50 million in deposits on the columbus.

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Business Aviation Hops on the Twitter Bandwagon

Business aviation companies have increasingly begun using Twitter microblogging which allows a new way of networking and reaching out with new customers and promoting the industry. The NBAA has two accounts on Twitter currently saying that they want to provide real time information on the No Plane, No Gain campaign and a way of congregating with followers to amplify their messages.

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Heliflite Becomes Wyvern Approved

Wyvern Consulting recently performed an on sight audit of Heliflite Shares, LLC. Heliflite is based at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and has 5 aircraft, one Sikorsky S-76 and four Bell 430’s. This puts Heliflite in the few elite helicopter charter services recommended by Wyvern. For more information visit their website or speak with Magellan Jets about your summer helicopter needs provided by Heliflite.

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Cessna Continues with Layoffs

Cessna Aircraft continues to lower its production through 2009 into 2010. This results in another round of layoffs scheduled to occur in July. Their credit market, Textron, says that the much of the companies market continues to soften in the current economic state. Textron did not release details about the next layoff round but full details are expected to be released at the end of the month. The company has eliminated twenty-five plus percent of its employees in the last three months. President and CEO of Cessna Jack Pelton has said that he has never seen an economic situation to this dynamic, but hopes recent news points to improvement. Cessna remains hopeful, but knows that private aviation may be one of the latter points of the economy to be restored to those who have ceased use of it.

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Segrave Adds Lear 60 to Family

National operator Segrave Aviation has added a new aircraft to its fleet. It is a 1994 Lear 60 and has become a part of Segrave’s charter fleet family. Segrave now has 16 aircraft in their Charter X D085. Tail numbered N206HY, the eight passenger executive jet is arranged with three forward facing seats, and the rest club seats. The interior is Royal blue leather with cherry veneer cabinetry. The aircraft was refurbished in 2001 and recarpeted in 2007.

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Worcester Telegram features Magellan Jets CEO Hebert and President Tivnan

Magellan Jets was mentioned in the featured business people section of the Worcester Telegram. Joshua Hebert, Magellan Jets Founder and Chief Executive Officer and partner Anthony Tivnan, President of Magellan Jets were featured in Sunday’s paper. Tivnan being a native of Worcester grabbed the paper’s attention as a good subject for a small blurb. Magellan Jets has been featured in a number of press releases online lately as well as last month’s Boston Business Journal which featured an expose on the company.

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People Upset by FAA’s Sly Move to Conceal “Bird” Accident Records

The FAA has proposed to the government to restrict access to bird strike accident reports. They plan to block all public access for bird collisions like the one that brought down the plane in the Hudson in January. The proposal went virtually unnoticed and is essentially approved. The FAA claims that the goal of this move was to prevent the public from being “mislead” by the data.

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Air Vehicle: Does Citation X’s speed really make a difference?

“Does the speedof the Citation X really make a material difference? Yes! The Citation X was first delivered in the end of1996 and quickly became NetJet’s best selling aircraft. This is true due to thecombination of cabin comfort, speed, ease or maintenance, operating economicsand dispatch reliability.

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Private Aviation Flight Activity Picking Up

According to ARG/US, business flight activity increased 28.55 percent last month from January. These numbers could be early indicators that the private aviation sector is starting to recover. The data includes all turbine business aircraft on IFR flight plans. The company also indicates that total flight activity has declined 18.51 percent over the last 12 months. In the fractional market, flight activity was down 28.1 percent, while FAR Part 135 flight activity dropped 46.7 percent.

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NBAA Applauds Senator Brownback’s Supporting Statements

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen commended Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) for taking to the floor of the Senate late last month to remind his colleagues of the value of business aviation for citizens, communities and companies across the U.S. “The people of the business aviation community applaud Senator Brownback for explaining what business aviation is all about, and correcting some of the misstatements and mischaracterizations about business aviation that have recently been made,” Bolen said. In his remarks, Brownback told his colleagues: “Some federal officials have recently been making use of business aviation a matter of derision. Well, there is a lot of good that this business–a U.S.-dominated business–does, and we ought to support it, not hurt it.” To illustrate his point, Brownback noted the following, among other facts:

  • Business aviation employs more than one million people in manufacturing and support services.
  • Many companies rely on an airplane to conduct business across a number of different locations, which are often located in areas without robust airline airline service.
  • Of the nation’s 5,000 public-use airports, only 500 are served by the commercial airlines, making business aviation the only option for accessing most airports.
  • Eighty-six percent of people aboard business aircraft are not a company’s senior officials, but are mid-level employees, including salespeople, engineers, or other technical specialists.

“Whether its a piston or a jet, it [a business jet] is often what ends up connecting a lot of people on a rapid basis throughout the country,” Brownback said. “Without the use of business aircraft, you’re going to have a lot more inefficiencies in companies; you’re going to have a lot more difficulty getting people from point A to point B.” Bolen agreed, adding: “Business aviation is an essential tool for many companies to be productive and efficient, which is especially critical in this economic climate. But as the senator also pointed out, business aviation means jobs for more than a million people. It provides a critical lifeline for communities across the country, many of which have lost some or all of their airline service in the past year. And, it supports humanitarian initiatives, including medical transport for people in need and delivery of relief and supplies for victims of natural disasters. We thank Senator Brownback for recognizing these facts in highlighting the essential role of business aviation in America today.”

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Linear Air Forms Eclipse Support Co-Op

A neighbor of Magellan Jets, Linear Air, has formed a Co-Operative Organziation which will provide support to the 259 Eclipse owners. The organization plans on buying assets from the liquidation sale to help keep the current fleet in service. The Co-Operative will try to purchase the type certificate, among other items. Read more about the Co-Operative:

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NBAA Launches “No Plane No Gain” Campaign to Promote Aviation

The National Business Aviation Association in parternership with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association has launched a multimedia campaign designed “to educate the public on the importance of business aviation to our country and its communities, companies, and citizens. In the United States, business aviation generates well over a million jobs, provides a lifeline to communities with little or no commercial airline service, helps thousands of businesses of all sizes to be more productive and efficient, and provides emergency and humanitatrian services to people in need.” In recent months, business aviation has come under scrutiny by both the government and media. Although business aviation is a necessary tool for many, the negative attention has caused some businesses to rethink their aircraft use.

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