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The Innovative HondaJet

At the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) this week, HondaJet announced it would expand sales of the aircraft to Southeast Asia in an effort to provide one of the fastest and most fuel efficient jets to “one of the world’s fastest growing regions,” Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino said. This unconventional light jet features many technological advances in aviation, including the unique Over-The-Wing engine mount configuration.


The HondaJet is the first aircraft developed by Honda Aircraft Company, and is living proof that the company reinforces its reputation for top-quality performance, efficiency, and value. The HondaJet seats a maximum of five passengers and is priced at only $4.85 million.

Cabin Highlights

In the HondaJet’s 12.1-foot-long cabin, executive seating for four configured in a classic club format is featured along with an optional side facing fifth seat. The multi-axis seats are able to slide, shift, or lock at any time, easily allowing for more room and comfort. Sleek vertical wall lighting fixtures seamlessly aluminate the cabin. Passengers will be equipped with an optional mobile controlled cabin, which can regulate cabin temperature, audio, lighting, and window shades. Additionally, a fully serviceable private aft lavatory and 66 cubic feet of baggage space increase convenience.


Engineering Innovations

The most noticeable feature of the HondaJet is the Over-The-Wing GE Honda Aero HF120 turbofan engines, each producing 1,997 pounds of thrust. By placing the engines over the wings rather than close to the fuselage, fuel efficiency is dramatically improved because of reduced aerodynamic drag. The wing-mounted engines also decrease cabin noise, ground-detected noise, and add more space to the cabin.


Rather than being made from metal, the fuselage is designed out of carbon fiber, which also helps to reduce drag and increase performance. With four occupants, the HondaJet can travel 1,223 nautical miles at a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet.

Flight Deck


The cockpit within the HondaJet was designed to provide more room for pilots and ensure optimal safety and situational awareness with greater visibility. The Honda-customized Garmin G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system features touch screen technology and dual touch screen controllers. Three 14-inch high-resolution display screens offer easy capabilities like flight planning, control, and navigation. The HondaJet is certified for single or dual pilot operation.

The innovative design of the HondaJet as well as the company’s sale expansion announcement at EBACE proves that although this is only the first jet from Honda Aircraft Company, it certainly will not be the last.

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