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Magellan Jets 10 Year Anniversary!

Magellan Jets is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2018 after a historic decade of success. Founded in July 2008 by longtime friends Joshua Hebert, Anthony Tivnan and Gregory Belezerian, the Massachussetts natives set out to change the private travel experience through a purely private, personalized customer approach and an unwavering commitment to safety. The goal these past 10 years and into the future is to always elevate expectations.
After a modest first year, the company’s method proved tried-and-true as they saw an explosive upward trend with an average of 36% growth each year over the last 10 years. Hebert explains “From day 1, our intention was never to sell something, but to help our customers find the best private travel solution, even if that meant pointing them in another direction. This helped us build and maintain trust over the years”.

Similarly, Tivnan, President and Co-Founder, has used his understanding of Magellan Jets’ diverse clientele to lead the sales team in creating tailored private travel solutions for all. Most recently under his leadership, Magellan Jets closed out 2017 with almost 200 new customers and an 85% member retention rate. “Magellan Jets takes pride in providing its customers solutions for life.? Whether for business, personal, college tours or IPO’s, the relationship and guidance we offer is intended to serve as a resource for all major events in a customers’ life.”

The decade of success has helped Magellan Jets attract top-level talent, adding John Amato and Todd Weeber to the executive team in recent years, with expectations only continuing to rise as they move through 2018.

John Amato is the Vice President of Magellan Jets’ Aviation Consulting Group. This team is responsible for developing tailored solutions for discerning travelers who might benefit from Magellan’s portfolio of premium, full-service private aviation solutions including jet card memberships for individuals and corporations, as well as on-demand charter services.

Todd Weeber, joins Magellan Jets as a new chapter in an Aviation career that first started in 1987. The focus of Mr. Weeber’s 30 years of aviation experience has been a relentless pursuit of process improvement, with the end goal of providing ideal experiences and optimal outcomes for their clients.

When asked about the 10 year Anniversary and the overall growth of Magellan both John and Todd had similar responses. They are proud to be part of it. “It’s been an exciting few years leading to our (Magellan Jets’) 10th anniversary. In addition to the tremendous growth achieved by the organization, it’s gratifying to be recognized by clients and throughout our industry as a purely private, comprehensive, and customizable aviation solution. I am looking forward, I’m confident we will continue to evolve our portfolio with bespoke services designed to address our clients’ life long needs.” Says John.

“We use our deep bench of experience and expertise to work as a team to deliver exactly what our members and clients want. Magellan Jets is not for everyone. We find that people that are attracted to Magellan Jets are very successful individuals that have experts on their team in every field. They have a financial expert, a legal expert, a public relations expert, etc. We are their private transportation experts. And they love it because we place their interests above our own and often provide solutions that others just can’t – or won’t. We are not the least expensive option but we always provide the best option.” Says Todd.

Magellan is only improving after these 10 years, they continue to find the best solutions for travelers and members and will always elevate their clients expectations. Watch out for what will be happening in just another short 10 years, because it will definitely be something great.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Magellan! If you are interested in learning more about chartering or becoming a member of this team, contact Magellan Jets or get a quote below.

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