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March 2022 Program Updates

March 14, 2022

Today, we want to inform you of several updates we’re making to our programs in response to global supply chain challenges and the economic ripple effect of the war in Europe. Consistent with the terms of your Jet Card Ownership and/or Membership agreement, Magellan Jets is implementing the following changes to your program given that these crises are outside of the reasonable control and prevent us from performing all of our contractual obligations:

Implementation Of Fuel Adjustment
Updates To Booking Window
Adjustments To Daily Flight Hour Minimums
Adding More Qualifying International Destinations


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the intense sanctions levied on Russia by the US, UK, EU, and others in response have shocked the global economy and caused the price of jet fuel to skyrocket. While Magellan Jets is doing all we can to insulate our guests from the volatility of the aviation fuel market, we have instituted a Fuel Adjustment on all program flights in order to cover rising jet fuel costs.

How will this work? Based on the current price of jet fuel, Magellan will add an additional invoice to your flight based on aircraft cabin class and trip length. The cost will move up or down on a weekly basis in conjunction with the publicly posted jet fuel prices from S&P Global/Platts and single FBO source location rates. The applied fuel adjustment rate which will be billed will be that of the posted rate of the Monday prior to the day of departure. At the time of booking clients will receive an estimate of their trip. The exercised fuel adjustment rate will be delivered to members in their final itinerary. You can view the current Fuel Adjustment for each aircraft class, updated each week, on our Fuel Price Monitor page.  Your hourly program rate will not be impacted; the Fuel Adjustment is a separate invoice adjusting for the fuel surge due to the war in Europe.

The program will take effect at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.


Last year, in response to private aviation’s supply chain crisis, we extended our booking windows. Effective immediately, for clients who bought a jet card before November 24th 2021 or after January 4th 2022, we’re excited to tell you we’ve shortened our booking window to 48 hours for standard travel dates across all programs. Travel on a High Volume Day still requires 240-hour/10-day advance booking. Be sure to check your program’s high-volume calendar and remember to reach out to your flight support team with any questions. Of course, it is understood that there will be times when you absolutely need to schedule an aircraft within your program’s booking window. In that case, you will still have access to the safest and most reliable aircraft and crews sourced from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network—though your fixed hourly rates will not apply on these flights, and you will instead pay the going charter market rate.


Effective immediately, for clients who bought a jet card before November 24th 2021 or after January 4th 2022, we are adjusting the daily flight hour minimums on all jet card owner and member flights. These changes will help ensure aircraft and crew schedules are built appropriately to respond to demand, enhancing both the level of safety and the quality of service provided. The new daily minimums are as follows:

  • – Light and mid-size jets inside Magellan Jets Primary Service Area – 1.5 hours
  • – Light and mid-size jets outside Magellan Jets Primary Service Area – 2 hours
  • – Super-midsize jets – 2 hours
  • – Heavy jets – 2.5 hours

Click here to view our Primary Service Area Map. Taxi time is not included in these daily minimums.


As a reminder, your program allows international travel within 200 nautical miles of our Primary Service Area with a 10% International Surcharge. Effective immediately, for clients who bought a jet card before November 24th 2021 or after January 4th 2022, we’ve added the following international destinations beyond 200 nautical miles of our Primary Service Area as qualifying destinations for your program, with a 20% International Surcharge:

 * Antigua * Barbados * Bermuda * Cayman Islands * Dominican Republic * Guadelupe * Jamaica * Mexico * Netherlands Antilles * Puerto Rico * St. Kitts & St. Nevis * St. Lucia * St. Martin * Trinidad and Tobago * Turks & Caicos * U.S. Virgin Islands *

For all other international destinations, Jet Card Owners may schedule trips with dynamic pricing using their Jet Card funds; Members will pay the going charter market rate.

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