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Magellan Jets COO talks coronavirus business shifts with Aviation Week

In a new piece for Aviation Week, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber discusses the recent shifts in business caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The private jet company’s executive breaks down the state of aviation and how Magellan Jets is providing critical solutions for essential travel.

Coronavirus Business Shifts: Magellan Jets COO Talks with Aviation Week

As the world weathers COVID-19 lockdowns, demand for flights in April have fallen 60% from this time last year. As Aviation Week spotlights, Magellan Jets “expects activity to grow proportionately” with the easing of quarantine measures. Additionally, in the long term, private jets will serve as a “viable replacement” for businesses that previously relied on commercial airline travel.

Magellan Jets Chief Operation Officer Todd Weeber goes on to reveal that, over the past two weeks, there has been a shift in business due to coronavirus. Specifically, two important categories of travel have emerged.

First, Magellan Jets has received urgent requests private jet travel required with less than a 48-hr. notice. In other words, there has been an increase in demand for short-notice private jet travel.

The second category deals with future bookings. In particular, Weeber tells Aviation Week that Magellan Jets has received an increase in “business-related bookings” for May and June. He also notes that these trips would’ve typically been booked on a commercial airlines’ business class.

Additionally, Weeber says that demand has dwindled for evacuations and personal flight requests. Instead, “85% of the demand today” centers around moving essential personnel and equipment. Overall, the goals of these requests are to maintain “business continuity, economic sustainability and for health and welfare missions.”

Finally, the Aviation Week piece notes how business aviation will serve as a critical lifeline for companies. This is because suffering commercial airlines won’t be able to serve their needs when the world gets back to business. Click the link below to read the full piece.

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