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Haute Living: Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan Talks Travel Recovery

As part of their Luxury Travel Revival roundup, Haute Living San Francisco spoke with Magellan Jets president and co-founder Anthony Tivnan about private aviation and the recovering luxury travel industry, Tivnan’s predictions for the future, and more.

The world is opening back up in the wake of the pandemic and travelers are seeking to make up for lost time. Tivnan notes that high flight volume is returning as more and more destinations open up for leisure and tourism across the globe, with Mexico, the Caribbean, Aspen, Vail, Montana, and Florida emerging as popular destinations.

Tivnan was also asked about his long-term predictions for luxury travel:

Over the next several years, I believe tourism will see record levels. This past year of the world being restricted to our homes has many people seeking once-in-a-lifetime experiences and reconnection with family and friends. Many will not put off travel opportunities the way they did in the past. The lockdowns have caused us to feel that we took for granted the opportunities for connection and experiences.  

For travelers who want to reconnect with loved ones and explore the reopening world on their schedule, there’s no better tool than a Magellan Jets membership. Membership offers a safe, flexible, and reliable alternative to flying first class, and gives seamless access to private air travel without the unpredictability and variable cost of the charter market. Members enjoy a 12-month rate lock, paying as they go for as much or as little flying as they need without any hidden fees or peak travel surcharges. There’s no long-term commitment or confusing contract language—just a jet ready when you need it with as little as 12 hours’ notice.

The Haute Living Magellan Jets interview also covers how the shared experience of living through a world-wide pandemic has changed the business, and the positive aspects that have come from a year of lockdowns and quarantines.

The rest of the roundup includes interviews with luminaries from across the luxury travel industry, from famed director (and luxury hotelier) Francis Ford Coppola to Stefanos Makrymichalos, the CEO of leading yachting company and Magellan Jets brand partner IYC. To read the piece in full, click below.

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