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Scottsdale Airpark News, the publication that has served as the business voice of the Scottsdale Airpark for over three decades, has highlighted the extreme level of personalized service provided by Magellan Jets in an interview with our Director of Flight Support, Ryan Foss.

Foss outlined the high level of dedication on Magellan’s part to ensuring the private aviation provider’s services are perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs. The highly trained professionals in Magellan’s Flight Support and Guest Services departments work to simplify and streamline the flight experiences of Magellan’s on-demand charter, private jet member, and jet card owner clients, and are available for support 24/7.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Foss boasts that customer relationships are personal.

“We know your wife’s name, where your son went to college, your dog’s name. It’s all about value. We very rarely try to chase the prices of our competitors. We know what our experience is worth. Customers have tried to chase prices and they’ll fly with someone else on a certain trip. They turn around on the next trip and say, ‘I get it now.’”

The guest experience team creates detailed member profiles after extensive and detailed onboarding phone calls. That, Foss says, allows Magellan Jets to “anticipate their needs before they even ask.”

“Our members and jet card owners don’t have member numbers,” he adds. “We know them, and we can go into their last trip and research whatever they need from an upcoming trip. We have a guest experience department that has the sole purpose of looking at profiles and opportunities for experiences.”

Foss and Scottsdale Airpark News go on to discuss specific in-flight experiences Magellan Jets is capable of providing. The article also features the partnership between Magellan and yachting charter giant IYC, which gives Magellan clients access to a number of Caribbean destinations this winter. 

To learn more about ways to fly with Magellan Jets, click here, or call and speak to our private aviation consultants today at 877-550-JETS. To read the full interview with Ryan Foss in Scottsdale Airpark News, click below. 

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