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The Pitons in St Lucia

Where to Travel in 2021: Top Private Jet Destinations

As we kick off the new year, travelers in the United States and across the globe are very eager to spread their wings again. While it may take some time for some places to fully open in 2021, there are plenty of world class destinations you can visit right now. Check out Magellan Jets’ guide on where to travel in 2021 for inspiration and itinerary ideas.

Best Private Jet Destinations to Visit in 2021

Sandy Maui beach in Hawaii


Abscond to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii with Magellan Jets and Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. This exciting collaboration lets guests experience the island in safety and comfort thanks to enhanced protocols for cleaning, social distancing and more to ensure guest well-being. An elegant and timeless destination, find serenity and warmth as you relax under the sun on picturesque shores.

beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico 

Easily accessible for U.S. guests without a passport, Puerto Rico is always a popular destination for private jet travelers. From the capital city of San Juan to the sandy white shores of Culebra, the island paradise overflows with beauty and history. With beaches, marinas as well as pools ready to reopen, visitors who follow testing protocols are free to safely explore this breathtaking getaway.

 Cruzy Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands 

Let Magellan Jets whisk you away by private jet to the U.S. Virgin Islands before setting sail by yacht with IYC. Through this special collaboration, guests can hop between hot spots like St. Thomas, Soper’s Hole and Virgin Gorda, enjoying pristine Carribbean waters, along with luxurious onboard amenities. From restaurant recommendations (like Fat Virgin Café) to the best beaches (don’t miss Devil’s Beach), Magellan Jets and IYC can help plan out every aspect of your trip.

rum point Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands 

Cross the Cayman Islands off your travel bucket list this year. Overall, the islands serve as a hub for businesses and leisure travelers alike. Swim with sea turtles, enjoy a glass of champagne at sunset and more. There’s something for everyone on this popular private jet destination.

Turks and Caicos Islands kids

Turks and Caicos Islands 

What’s better than a trip to the Bahamas? Fly in to one of several private jet airports before exploring the dozens of islands that make up Turks and Caicos. In particular, Providenciales has scenic beaches, world-renowned cuisine, as well as an array of luxury and boutique hotel options.

Dominican Republic beach

Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic is truly a special place to visit, regardless of the time of year. Highlights include Santo Domingo and Santiago, which offer a host of historical landmarks to check out. Meanwhile, the waterfalls of Jarabacoa and heavenly beaches of Punta Cana are just a taste of the must-see natural wonders.

Rock formation in Los Cabos Mexico


Endless adventures await south of the U.S. border. Visitors flock to Mexico each year, seeking out its seaside havens, mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Just a short flight from Los Angeles and other western cities, Cabo San Lucas is a particularly beloved destination by private jet travelers.

Pier in Bridgetown Barbados


Any list of 2021 travel destinations needs to include Barbados. Let your troubles melt away as you dip your toes in the Caribbean paradise’s crystal clear waters. Soak in the sun, sip a cocktail and enjoy the pure, sandy shores of Dover Beach, Carlisle Bay and other popular spots.

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

St. Maarten 

Beautiful is an understatement for this Caribbean getaway. Take flight and set sail with a special agenda curated by Magellan Jets and IYC. Begin your adventure with a cocktail cruise around St. Maarten’s iconic lagoon. Then, take part in exciting outdoor activities and a night of revelry.

Couple watches sunset on St. Lucia best 2021 travel destinations

St. Lucia 

Adorned with natural wonders and luxurious comforts, St. Lucia is easy to fall in love with. Overall, the island has some of the most gorgeous beaches and greenery in the Caribbean. After you’ve experienced St. Lucia’s beauty, let loose while enjoying the culture and nightlife of hubs like Rodney Bay.

Gaspasree Caves in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago 

No 2021 travel destinations list is complete with Trinidad and Tobago. Another fantastic place to visit by private jet, this Caribbean nation is rapidly rising in popularity among globetrotters. Not only does it boast breathtaking natural sites and beaches, but it also has a fantastic collection of luxury resorts.

Aruba canal night view romantic site 2021 travel destinations


There’s a reason why the Beach Boys lovingly crooned about this island escape. A uniquely beautiful destination, Aruba is what you picture when you think of a beachside getaway. For travelers flying private to Aruba, there’s countless resorts, idyllic shores and other elevated offerings to enjoy.

where to travel in 2021 curacao


This colorful Carribbean island consistently ranks among the best places to visit in the region. Private jet travelers can fly into Hato International Airport. After landing, explore Curacao’s amazing collection of national parks, beaches and other natural wonders.

where to travel in 2021: SHOAL BAY EAST ANGUILA


Embark for Anguila with Magellan Jets and IYC. The Leeward Islands gem is an upscale escape filled with chic hotels, great restaurants and lots of shopping. Let Magellan Jets and IYC set your itinerary for an island-hopping trip you’ll never forget.



Significantly less crowded then other 2021 travel destinations, the islands of Guadeloupe are perfect for a relaxing retreat. Of course, you can’t miss Grande Anse, the prolific beach located Terre-de-Haut Island.

St Kitts best places to visit 2021 travel destinations

St. Kitts 

Last but certainly not least, St. Kitts is another beachside paradise for private jet travelers. Sip on a rum cocktail and soak in Its sultry waters as your worries float away. After you’ve experienced this fantastic getaway, you’ll never want to leave St. Kitts.

Magellan Jets Memberships

Visit 2021 Travel Destinations with Magellan Jets 

Interested in booking a trip to your favorite getaway? Need help figuring out where to travel in 2021? Speak with a Private Aviation Consultant today or click below to explore private jet services with Magellan Jets.

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