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5 Top Reasons Why Companies Fly Private



As business travel evolves, companies are increasingly moving to membership or charter options to fulfill their business travel needs. In a recent study conducted by the NBAA, private flight passengers and pilots groups pointed out some of the main reasons businesses use private aviation. We found many of the insights provided by the study parallel the feedback we’ve received from our Elevate member community. Among the top reasons companies invest in business aviation:

  1. 1. Scheduling Flexibility

?Business needs arise quickly, which can prove daunting for companies relying on commercial aviation. Passengers reported that over half of business aircraft flights they took enabled them to keep business schedules “that could not be met efficiently using the scheduled airlines, or other modes of transportation” according to the study.??

Our Elevate membership was developed with this reality in mind, offering all-inclusive rates that make the business traveler’s need for flexibility a top priority. It eliminates many of the problems of commercial flights, such as expensive, high-volume itineraries and sold-out flights. Our membership program also allows members highly flexible travel options, such as 24/7 access to our Flight Success Team, short-notice bookings, or the ability to change jets with no interchange fees for unexpected mission changes.??

  1. 2. Reaching Multiple Destinations?

International travel has become the norm in business. As the NBAA survey revealed, “It is increasingly clear that companies are now operating in a more global marketplace. The study noted that about 23 percent of pilots and 24 percent of passengers say their percentage of overseas flights aboard business aircraft increased during the past five years. Pilots reported that an average 42.2% of their trips involve stops at more than one location. With the need for international travel increasing, having access to a large portfolio of available aircraft gives Magellan travelers the freedom to travel where and when they need – domestic or international.

  1. 3. Privacy and Productivity

Flying private is ideal for those who need to conduct discreet negotiations, discuss sensitive financial data, talk about proprietary information, or enjoy required privacy while in flight. While flying first class makes the trip more comfortable, it does not afford business travelers this benefit. For this reason, many companies opt to conduct business travel via private jet. In the membership model, privacy extends not just to conversations in flight, but to travel itinerary and details; travel on a company-owned jet means company-associated tail numbers become public information, which may broadcast data about business plans inadvertently. In the membership model, tail numbers are not associated with the client business unit, making for more discreet travel.

The comfort and privacy of private travel also create opportunities for better productivity. The study reported “passengers on business aircraft spend, on average, nearly two-thirds of their time (63 percent) aloft engaged in work, including 38 percent of the time meeting with colleagues or customers. When they fly commercially, these same passengers, on average, work only 42 percent of the time.” Our business members take advantage of the distraction-free nature of private travel to engage in collaboration, or simply to enjoy a few hours of focused work.?

  1. 4. Their Own Aircraft is Not a Fit

Many companies that use private travel for business may own an aircraft for general use. According to the study, nearly two thirds of pilots interviewed say their companies operate one owned jet aircraft. For times this aircraft is not suitable for the mission (either too large or too small for the traveling party, or not right for the distance of travel), membership offers economical and efficient alternatives that maintain the comfort and privacy discussed above.

  1. 5. Security and Safety?

Though not identified in the NBAA study, feedback we often receive from members discusses the value of safety in flying private. Our safety record is a direct result of our leadership & team commitment to best-practice safety policies. These policies cover many aspects of safe operation, from vetting and sourcing craft and crew, to quality maintenance pre- and post-flight. All Magellan policies are organized around the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS). The key SMS aspects include:??

– Management commitment and responsibility
– Safety accountability throughout the organization
– Appointment of key personnel
– Coordination of emergency response planning
– Documentation

While every member and company comes to privation with individual needs and priorities, Magellan and the Elevate Membership Program are committed to meeting the demands of business travel as it continues to evolve. If you are interested in how we can help you meet the mission, we invite you to speak with one of our Private Aviation Consultants to learn more: 877-550-5387.


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