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Business Jets: Most Popular Aircraft for Business Travel

For companies that need to stay productive and on the go, it’s important to find the right aircraft that fits their business needs. From proper workspace configurations and seating for executives to amenities and flight range capabilities, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Explore Magellan Jets’ guide to some of the most popular business jets and discover the perfect aircraft for your upcoming business travel.

Top Private Jets for Business  

Citation X

Citation X

Speed, power and efficiency define the Citation X, which is widely regarded as the one of the fastest super mid business jets in the world. With a spacious cabin featuring eight executive seats and even enough room to conduct meetings onboard, companies can quickly and comfortably make coast-to-coast trips without sacrificing time or productivity. Combining elegance with long range and top speed capabilities, the Citation X continues to be a popular choice for business travel.

Hawker 800XP Interior

Hawker 800XP

Offering both great range and speed at an unbeatable value, the Hawker family of aircraft is ideally suited for quick, city-to-city travel. Specifically, the Hawker 800XP mid-sized jet is perfect for making multiple stops in a day, such as C-Suite executives visiting various sites and work spaces around the country. Fast and efficient, businesses can depend on the Hawker 800XP to always gets the job done. 

Gulfstream 450 Interior Business Jets

Gulfstream 450/550

For larger teams of 10 or more executives who must travel longer distances—whether that’s across the country or around the world— Gulfstream aircraft are tailored made for these kinds of flights. In particular, Gulfstream 450/550 offers the ultimate in business jet capabilities, including a seven channel satellite communication system with a satellite phone, Wi-Fi, printer and fax, so you can stay connected and ready. Additionally, businesses can utilize a divider to create an onboard “Private Stateroom” for important or sensitive meetings that require added privacy. 

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