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Coronavirus outbreak: 4 things you should know while flying private

Between the coronavirus outbreak and an increasingly lethal flu season, staying healthy while flying is now an even bigger priority for travelers. While airlines and airports take many precautions, booking a private jet can add another layer of safety. Here are four reasons why private flying may be the best travel option for your health.

Flying private decreases airport exposure risks

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), more than 2.7 million people fly in and out of U.S. airports every day. That accounts for over 44,000 daily flights. Those numbers don’t even factor in security, ground crews, vendors and other visitors. It’s no secret that, the more people you share a space with, the greater your chances are of being exposed to an illness.

Whether you’re flying for leisure or business, private jet options will significantly decrease your risk of exposure to the coronavirus outbreak. The use of private terminals and fixed based operators (FBO) dramatically limit the number of people you encounter. Thus, less chances of catching a virus.

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Private jets decrease risk of exposure to ill passengers

On a commercial flight, you usually share the plane with up to hundreds of other passengers. Since nearly everyone onboard is a stranger, you don’t know if they’ve contacted a sick person amid the coronavirus outbreak. Opting for your own private flight can shrink the number of people on your plane to around 14 or less. Even better, you probably know who all your fellow passengers are and don’t have to worry about their recent travel history.

Private jet passengers can know the history of THEIr pilots and flight attendants

When booking private jet charters with Magellan Jets, passengers can easily access their pilots and flight attendants’ travel histories as part of service and safety standards. If a customer is concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, they can find out exactly where their crew has most recently flown to and other pertinent information. Magellan’s flight support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

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Private jet passengers have full control of their cabin environment

Private jet passengers have full control over their environment. Jets like the Gulfstream G650 have several systems in place to sure health and safety, such as filtration systems that refresh cabin air every two minutes. Passengers can take things further by diving into a jet’s other features. This includes optimizing temperature, pressure and humidity to the ideal conditions for a healthy trip.

If you need to book upcoming travel and would like to connect with our live flight support team in regard to aircraft availability and safety, call 877-550-JETS.

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