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From The Cockpit Episode 17: Business Aviation By The Numbers

On episode 17 of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber discusses business aviation by the numbers, focusing on the facts behind safety on commercial flights vs. private aviation, investing in smart travel strategies and more. Listen to the full Magellan Jets podcast episode below.


On the latest Magellan Jets podcast episode, COO Todd Weeber breaks down business aviation, by the numbers. Beginning with the topic of safety amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, Weeber describes how the commercial experience differences from private jet travel.

While Weeber admits that commercial airlines are “safer than they’ve ever been,” they still face several hurdles to providing completely safe experiences. One issue involves maintaining air circulation before engines have started and after they’ve shut down. However, the bigger problem is, although great systems are in place, exposure risks are still in play due to the “sheer number of people that you encounter.”

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To illustrate this “theory of small numbers,” Weeber examines the typical business trip for a commercial traveler, which involves encountering a lot of people in security lines, service counters, gates, on board and during off-boarding procedures. “We put the number in the hundreds of people that you can encounter,” explains Weeber.

Meanwhile on a private jet flight, Weeber says that, “instead of encountering hundreds of people a traveler will encounter “7 or 8, at the most,” not counting one’s party. “People make the difference if you’re willing to accept the concept that there’s a COVID safety bubble around us,” says Weeber.

As part of a personal safety bubble, the Magellan Jets executive reveals that there are four components: an agreed upon social distance space (i.e. 6 feet in the U.S.); a willingness to wear a “useable, effective mask”; a willingness to maintain a high standard of hygiene including “clean hands at all times, clean surfaces before and after you encounter them”; and, overall, a general sense of respect towards other’s health and safety.

Unfortunately, a commercial travel experience results in 500-600 chances of that bubble being violated. However, business aviation, reduces those chances significantly.

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“Not only do you encounter 86 times fewer people when you fly on business aviation on average, but the chances that someone in that number of small numbers will be out of compliance are far reduced,” says Weeber.

Listen to the full episode above, where Weeber also chats about the numbers behind private jet provider transparency, how reduced commercial routes affect availability, plus, what the future holds for the industry.

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