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5 Questions to ask yourself to determine if you should Charter or Become a Member!

1) How much on average do you, or your company travel private?
Charter: If you have just a couple specific trips you would like to fly private for, chartering is your best option. Charter Private Aviation Consultants are eager to help recommend the perfect aircraft for your travel plans and unique needs and are available at any hour, any day.

Membership: If you are traveling more than 25 hours annually personally, or as a corporate member more than 100 flight hours, membership is the best for you. Magellan understands that your needs and requirements will vary and can be more complex, therefore pairing you with a Membership Aviation Consultant that can help with any trip you need.

2) Chartering pricing verses pricing when you are a member and knowing your rates?
Charter: Pricing will vary from number of guests, the location, and type/size of jet. Prices can influx do to certain days or times as well, so it can be harder to know exact rates.

Membership: The Magellan membership program you pay no premium charges for flying on peak days and no fuel surcharges, and catering is included in the membership price. Your total price is always guaranteed, the membership price is the exact price you will pay at all times.

3) How much customization do you want when you travel private?
Charter: Magellan does a wonderful job making all clients feel safe, comfortable and excited for their trip. When it comes to chartering it can be a little more difficult, so if you are looking to always have that personalized feeling, becoming a member gives you more benefits for that.

Membership: Favorite meals or memorabilia placed on-board, has turned to where almost everything can be customized. Personalizing the flight expereince, Magellan Jets allows clients to build their own card where you can pick number of hours, waive peak surcharges, receive fuel discounts, and a combination of many other things that make these memberships truly “personalized.”

4) How far in advance do you know your schedule?
Charter: Chartering is a little trickier when it comes to scheduling, many times clients need a charter day of, or day before, Magellan is always on top and ready to help. If you know your schedule more in advance and are looking for a specific trip charter can work out for you. Flexibility is a bit more common within charter.

Membership: If you are on a dime and need constant availability, membership is your best bet. Something comes up day of or day before and you need a flight from say, Boston to Los Angeles you can easily have it available do to your membership with Magellan. Membership is good for people who need guaranteed availability with an 8 hour call out.

5) Do you have a typical route or flight pattern you will be taking each time?
Charter: At times clients have certain places they need to charter to that can be extremely small, or hard to get to. If you have a variety of trips you take at different times of the year chartering is smarter than an over all Membership. Operators are not always available in certain places so it can make it a little more tricky.

Membership: If you are a member, Magellan knows your specific needs, they know the few places that you travel to the most and will always be able to guarantee your flight. Membership would be a better consideration if you make multiple flights to the same place, because Magellan has gained a great relationship with those certain places and is ready to book no matter what.

Are you looking into chartering or becoming a member? Hopefully this helped you narrow down your decision. Contact Magellan Jets or get a quote below for your next trip!

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