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Private Jet Companies and Jet Card Comparisons

5 Keys to Evaluating Private Jet Companies

In the world of business aviation, there are many private jet companies  to choose from. However, finding one that’s safe, secure and truly fits your specific travel needs requires a bit of research. Discover the key factors you should consider while evaluating  providers, plus learn how you can download Magellan Jets’ complimentary comparison guide, featuring information on rates, benefits and other essential insights into today’s top private jet companies.


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Business Model: It’s important to find organizations that are financially stable, so your investment isn’t squandered. Magellan Jets, for example, holds zero debt, has no fixed assets and no overhead, with 100% of your investment held separately from operational accounts, so that it’s only used for the purpose of providing you with service.

Safety Record: Make sure you ask questions about a provider’s record as it relates to incidents and accidents, and if they have a safety management system (SMS) in place that meets FAA standardsaddress COVID-19 health protocols, etc. 

Time & Financial Investment: As you evaluate different programs, it’s key to understand all of the terms or your agreement. Reputable companies will actively offer to review terms and conditions of your agreement to ensure you understand what is and isn’t included, potential surcharges, contract lengths and more. 

Aircraft Availability: Aircraft access is essential to evaluating private jet companies. While some providers who own a fleet promise that you’ll only fly on their aircraft, that isn’t necessarily the case. Make sure you know the exact aircraft and categories you’ll have access to, as well as any possible black out dates or program limitations.

Geographical Access: Some providers have limitations on which regions they serve domestically and internationally. Make sure you do the homework and choose a program that includes your preferred geographical access.  

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Download Comparison Guide

Click below to download this comprehensive white paper, featuring at a glance information on:

*Popular private jet companies, compared side by side

*Key insights into operational models & safety standards

*Deep dive into product portfolios, rates, benefits & more

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