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This Father’s Day, Give The Gift Of Family Time Without Distractions

This Father’s Day, the gift dad will appreciate the most is time—time to rebuild the connections a year of COVID quarantines and travel restrictions took away, time to return to his favorite places and pastimes, time to reunite with the people he loves. Luckily for him, time is the ultimate luxury provided by private aviation.

A private jet membership from Magellan Jets streamlines travel, saving dad precious time to spend with those who matter to him. He’ll avoid the stress and uncertainty of flying commercial, as well as the volatility of the private charter market. He’ll enjoy personalized, purely private flying with locked-in rates and no hidden fees. Wouldn’t the father, grandfather, or husband in your life enjoy an elevated, worry-free experience where even the smallest details are taken care of, and his safety and satisfaction are guaranteed by over a decade of excellence? Read on to find out how our membership programs can help them reconnect—on their time.

The ultimate father’s day travel gift: time

With the speed and efficiency of private flight, dad won’t be hindered by the schedules of commercial airlines, or by their delays, cancellations, layovers, or long security lines—and with thousands more airports reached by private aviation than commercial flights, he’ll spend less time traveling between landing and his final destination. Are dad’s loved ones spread out across the country? Unlike commercial aviation, private flight makes it possible to stop at multiple locations in a single day, so he can reunite family and friends no matter how far apart they may be. He’ll even be able to schedule flights for other parties, even if he isn’t on board.


With our private jet membership, dad will have a team of aviation industry professionals in his pocket with our Flight Support and Guest Experience departments. Our experts will make sure dad flies on the perfect aircraft for the type and duration of trip he wants to take, sourcing them from our network of the safest, most reliable, and highest-quality 2007-or-newer private jets across the light, mid, super-mid, and heavy cabin categories. They’ll work with him to ensure the aircraft comfortably accommodates all of his guests and baggage—finding a jet that has space for all his golf clubs and his golf buddies, too. 

Best Golf Trips By Private Jet For Father’s Day

Whether he’s following his favorite team on the road with old friends, heading to the links on his dream golf outing, or celebrating that special anniversary or birthday, our aviation experts will make sure dad’s trip is unforgettable. We can arrange multiple-course meals or party supplies, or for the cabin to be stocked with his favorite scotch or reading material. We’re also able to arrange experiences, accommodations, ground transportation, and tee times for after he lands, going above and beyond simply getting him to his destination. 

Elevated Safety Dad Can Trust

With Magellan Jets managing his flying, dad’s safety always comes first. Flights are sourced from the highly-selective Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN), our real-time, world-wide-audited network of only the aircraft and crews that meet our rigorous standards for health, safety, and service. Those standards include a 42-point checklist performed on every flight, being in good standing with third-party standards organizations like ARG/US and Wyvern, and adhering to Magellan’s health and safety protocols, including our multi-layered 5 x 5 PureSky Safety Standard. The MJPN is continuously monitored and reviewed, so any operator that fails to meet these standards is removed from the network and no longer used for flights until they demonstrate adherence to MJPN protocols.

Pay-As-You-Go, With Locked-In Hourly Rates

With consistent pricing, dad won’t have to worry about the private charter market’s variable and fluctuating costs. Membership with Magellan Jets guarantees locked-in hourly rates for twelve months‚ and members can even renew annually at a reduced rate. In addition, dad won’t be concerned about the numerous fees and ancillary costs typically associated with private jet membership programs across the industry—he’ll be paying point-to-point prices without repositioning fees, and won’t be paying for maintenance or hangar fees, either.

No Peak Travel Surcharges, No Blackout Days

No matter what time of year he’s flying—even holidays or peak summer travel times—dad will have 24/7, 365 guaranteed access to aircraft. Eliminate the stresses and frustrations of busy travel season and give your dad or husband complete control over his flight schedule. High air traffic volume won’t tie him up; with Magellan Jets managing his private aviation solutions, dad will have the freedom to reconnect with the world whenever he wants.

Aircraft Ready In As Little As 12 Hours

Is your father the spontaneous sort when it comes to travel? With callout times as low as 12 hours, his membership will allow him to follow his adventurous spirit wherever and whenever the urge to travel takes him. Rather than being subject only to what the charter market has available at any given time, or being stuck following commercial airlines’ limited schedules, he’ll always have access to a private jet when he needs it.

Quick and easy to sign up and start flying

With an initial investment of just $8,500, dad will receive an onboarding session with a guest excellence team member, as well as access to our simple, secure, exclusive member app, which he can use to book and manage all of his trips—and he can start booking membership flights within 24 hours of signing up.

father's day dad with child on shoulder

Give Dad The Gift Of Time This FAther’s Day

A network of the safest, newest, and most reliable jets on the market, ready within 12 hours. Locked-in, pay-as-you-go rates with zero blackout days or peak travel surcharges. The most comprehensive service and safety management and quality assurance system in the world. A team of experts dedicated to ensuring he gets the most out of his flight. When dad uses his Magellan Jets membership, we’ll take the stress out of his flying, giving him the time to concentrate on relaxing and reconnecting with the people he loves. That’s the ultimate Father’s Day travel gift.

For more info on how our jet membership programs can elevate private travel for the dad in your life, call 877-550-5387 and speak with our private aviation consultants today—or read on to learn more about private jet membership with Magellan Jets.

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