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Which category jet is right for you?

Private business jets fall into four main categories: heavy, super-mid, mid, and light, based on their range, passenger and luggage capacity, amenities, and to some degree, speed and required runway length. Choose the one best for you based on how far you fly, how many people you fly with, and what level of comfort you’re looking for.

Heavy jets are ideal for flyers traveling with large groups, those looking to fly internationally or coast to coast, or those who desire maximum comfort and luxury. Heavy jets fly the long ranges needed for trans- or inter-continental routes and carry up to twelve people in great comfort. They fly at speeds of 530 -550 mph and with a 5000+mi range, it connects locations non-stop such as New York to Paris, Chicago to London or Las Angeles to Moscow. Heavy jet cabins are walkable and spacious with amenities appreciated for multiple-hour flights such as fully enclosed lavatories, seats that fold down into beds, and a full galley. The most prominent jets in this category are the Gulfstream G450 and Gulfstream GIV.

Super Mid-Size jets are best suited for intermediate to large groups, and for flyers looking for a fast, cost-efficient way to fly on slightly shorter routes. This jet type carries eight to nine passengers and can fly at speeds ranging from 554-604 mph. It has a moderate range of 3500-3840 miles, connecting locations like Boston to Los Angeles and Seattle to Tampa. This jet type has comfortable cabins amenities needed for multi-hour travel such as a fully-enclosed lavatory, a galley, and sleeping capabilities. One of the best jets in this category is the Cessna Citation X+ due to its unparalleled speed; It currently holds the title for the fastest airplane in the world for civilian use.

Mid-size jets are for smaller groups, or for travelers who fly shorter distances and appreciate value. This jet type flies six to eight passengers at moderate speeds of 492 -530 mph. Their range, 1375-1500 miles, connecting New York to Miami, Chicago to Las Vegas and San Francisco to Nashville. The cabins are cozy, and amenities include an enclosed lavatory, forward galley and most have cabin-accessible luggage. The most prominent jet in this category is the Hawker 800XP; the most common cabin configurations have a 3-person couch and 5 captain’s chairs.

Light jets suit business executives and flyers who make short city-to-city hops or people who need to travel to smaller airports with shorter runways. Light jets carry four to seven passengers, speeds of 480-540mph and have a regional range of 730-2425mi connecting locations such as Boston to Atlanta, Chicago to Houston and San Francisco to El Paso. The cabin in this jet type is snug with less than six feet of headroom. The cabins are still very comfortable and have the basic amenities expected for short flights-most have enclosed lavatories. An exemplary light jet, the Hawker 400 XP boasts great performance and one of the most spacious cabins in the category.

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