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weathering the storm of a triple crisis and hurricane season 2020

From the Cockpit Episode 12: Triple Crisis Travel Impact And Hurricane Season 2020

In episode 12 of From the Cockpit, Magellan Jets Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber joins the podcast to explain how you can stay safe as the nation endures a triple crisis of civil unrest, massive unemployment and a global pandemic. Weeber also breaks down its impact on travel, how to secure critical transportation for when you need it most, plus offers safety tips for hurricane season 2020. Click the link below to listen to the full episode.


While the country goes through an unprecedented triple crisis, the combination of a global pandemic, economic hardship and civil unrest are having an impact on travel. Since it’s impossible to predict people’s behavior at the moment, there’s going to be a strain on health care systems, as well as the aviation industry.

“Protests will move the public health metrics in the wrong direction,” Weeber says. “It’s a volatile and dangerous situation, and the results for the aviation infrastructure is that there will be continued stressed on personnel shortages.”

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Crisis Safety Tips

Weeber tells travelers to monitor their fixed based operators (FBOs) amid this triple crisis.

“The potential security threats are certainly a possibility as this triple crisis continues to deepen,” Weeber says. “It’s very important to check to make sure that there’s proper security and proper staffing before any flight goes anywhere until this crisis begins to fade.”

“It’s a very serious situation and you need to know all the details before you go,” he adds. “Literally door-to-door, someone needs to check the security status of every individual, every driver, every pilot, every airplane and every FBO, from end to end.”

Overall, Weeber wants people to know that they can’t wait to the last minute. Additionally, Magellan Jets Private Aviation Consultants can help you prepare with on-demand charter and jet membership solutions.

“The good news is, we make it a habit of doing this anyway, so ramp up the communication and know before you go,” says Weeber. “It’s not a good idea to just try and work it out after you’ve left the house. It’s all got to be sorted out before you leave.”

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Hurricane Season 2020: Stay Prepared

Having experience with hurricanes from his time in Florida, Weeber suggests getting prepared now for this season’s storms.

“Everyone in a potential hurricane zone needs to have a plan by a few days ago,” he says. “Though the hurricane season hasn’t officially kicked off and gotten underway, signs are you need to have an aviation plan.”

Should triple crisis last, it’s critical to have safe transportation options in place going into hurricane season. Weeber explains why below:

“Time is running out to get a plan together and secure resources in advance. You’ve got to picture this, the year is 2020. There’s going to be traffic bottlenecks on the highway because the airline schedules will be severely cut. Social distancing will require a lower capacity (unless there’s an emergency order) on trains, planes and automobiles. There could be fuel and food shortages.

What if this triple crisis of the police brutality protests, deadly pandemic and record unemployment just continues on through the entire hurricane season? We can be setting ourselves up for some real roadside tragedies. So, the bottom line here is there’s going to be a limited supply of aircraft and seats, and now is the time to get with your aviation provider and secure yourself and option you don’t have to use unless you need it.”

Listen to the full podcast episode above for more tips, plus information on how to secure safe travel solutions.

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