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Boeing Hypersonic Jet

A jet that can get you anywhere in the world in 3 hours or less. Sounds imaginary, but it may become a reality for a lucky few in the future!

The idea of the Boeing Hypersonic Jet which is decades away from release, would travel five times the speed of sound. That translates to about 3,900 miles per hour or a two-hour trip across the Atlantic. Making a trip from New York to London 2 hours and a trip from Los Angeles to Japan around only 3 hours.

The Hypersonic would be more than twice as quick as the Concorde Jet which could make transatlantic flights in under four hours and retired over a decade ago. The Jet would be used for both civilian and military advancements.

Passengers won’t feel the extra speed, says Boeing, but the acceleration you normally feel in any plane when it is taking off, and landing. The acceleration will just last for longer, about 10 minutes instead of the normal few seconds/minutes. Boeing says it will take up to 20 to 30 years before you’ll be able to go for a Hypersonic ride, but the concept of it truly is incredible.

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