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Is A Supplemental Lift A Good Option For You?

Those who know their way around private travel are focused on a few elements that jet ownership provides; efficiency, consistency, and a personal connection to the aircraft. Having access to their own specific aircraft is the dream.

But what happens when your aircraft is at some point, unavailable for flight?

Is A Supplemental Lift The Right Option?

This can be due to scheduled maintenance or perhaps it is already flying a trip. When this occurs, we recommend chartering an aircraft as a supplemental lift option.

It is ideal for those times when you need extra flying for a brief period, or if you need a capability that your current aircraft does not provide. You are able to get almost all the customization and comfort that you would with your own aircraft. So why wouldn’t you consider charter as a supplemental lift option?


One reason supplemental lift is a great option is, maintenance or new rules that your aircraft must follow. By January 1, 2020, all private aircraft must be equipped with ADS-B in order to fly. ADS-B stands for Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast and is transforming all segments of aviation. Federal Regulations 14 CFR 91.225 and 14 CFR 91.227 contain more of the details. ADS-B is used for the following;

  • Air traffic control
  • General aviation is safer with ADS-B traffic, weather, and flight-information services
  • Safety and efficiency improve with advanced ADS-B applications

ADS-B focuses on improving the safety and efficiency in the air and on runways, reduces costs, and lessens harmful effects on the environment. If your aircraft is not equipped with ADS-B, it will not be able to fly. Therefore leaving you stuck on the ground and missing out on business or personal trips. Supplemental lift will be one of your only other options.

Private Jet Charters

Chartering a flight can be simple, consistent and reliable. Focusing on providing the best and safest flight experiences by establishing relationships with providers that have the right jet and qualifications for the right flyer. Making charter an extremely trustworthy option for all.

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