Art Basel 2017

3 Most Expensive Artworks Sold at Miami’s Art Basel

Miami Beach’s Art Basel event was a raging success earlier this month with more than 250 galleries displaying high end works from all over the world. Some art worth well over $1 million was on display to the over 70,000 visitors who attended the event. The top 3 most expensive works sold this year range in style, medium, and decade created.

1. Bruce Nauman’s Untitled (Two Wolves, Two Deer), 1989

Two Wolves, Two Deer

The most expensive piece sold at Art Basel this year was Bruce Nauman’s suspended installation sculpture featuring uniquely altered wolves and deer. Untitled (Two Wolves, Two Deer) was created in 1989 and is made from polyurethane foam, glue, steel, and wire. It was sold to a collection in Asia for $9.5 million.

2. Lee Krasner’s Sun Woman 1, 1957

Sun Woman 1

Lee Krasner’s Sun Woman 1 was displayed at Paul Kasmin Gallery during Art Basel and sold for $7 million. The abstract expressionism painting features oil on canvas displaying bright colors amongst dark curvy lines that detail the outline of a woman.

3. Mark Bradford’s Moon Rocks, 2017

Moon Rocks

Selling for a cool $5 million, Mark Bradford’s Moon Rocks is a dark yet playful painting. The three-sectioned painting features mixed media on canvas with studded luminous black stones that make it stand out. One of Bradford’s earlier works, Fly in the Buttermilk (2002), was also on display at the event with a $3 million asking price.



As one of the year’s most traveled to events by private jet in the world, it’s no wonder that a considerable amount of Art Basel’s works sold for well over $1 million throughout the week. The five-day event closed on December 10th and offered about $3.5 billion in art for sale. For more on Miami Beach’s Art Basel 2017, click below.

Art Basel 2017

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